Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Fall Season

home maintenance checklist for the fall season

A lot of people look forward to the fall because it provides a break from the summer heat. It also means we can enjoy fun autumn activities such as pumpkin carving and watching football games. 

However, the fall season can also bring concerns like messy yards and increasingly cooler temperatures. Homeowners who prepare for the upcoming winter during the fall find the harsh, cold weather more manageable. Having a fall checklist home maintenance means you can focus on tasks that get the job done and get better overall results.

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Homeowner’s Fall Checklist For Home Maintenance

Keep reading to learn about several of the best ways to prepare your home for the fall season.

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Schedule Your Heating System Tune-up

image of an hvac technician performing a heating system tune-up

The temperatures will continuously drop throughout the fall to the winter season. You will have to rely on your heater to keep warm at some point. Ensure that your heating system can do its job for the coming months.

Certified HVAC professionals should conduct an annual heating system tune-up. Technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your system and any minor repairs if needed. They will also perform other maintenance tasks like lubrication and routine cleaning. Heating system maintenance ensures that indoor air quality is healthy and the system works reliably and efficiently. Call R.F. Ohl to book an appointment today.

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Book A Heating Oil Delivery

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Call an oil supplier right away if your home utilizes heating oil for fuel. This helps you get ready for the coming cold weather. Moreover, buying oil before the peak season may mean lower heating oil prices, so you will pay less. Contact R.F. Ohl and inquire about our oil deliveries, delivery options, and payment plans.

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Seal The Gaps In Windows and Doors To Improve Energy Efficiency

image of woman sealing window to prevent air leaks

The heating system’s hard work will be for nothing if the hot air escapes via the gaps around the windows and doors. The system will be forced to operate longer and use more fuel to maintain the ideal temperature in your home. Therefore, check around the doors and windows. Seal all gaps using caulking, weather stripping, window film, foam tape, and other materials. You can also enhance your energy efficiency by hanging insulated curtains. Furthermore, ensure that your home has sufficient insulation with a high R-value.

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Replace The Batteries On Your Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

carbon monoxide detector

Some defective heating systems can produce smoke and carbon monoxide. These dangerous signs should be detected as soon as possible to minimize damage. Smoke can cause a fire that can destroy the property. On the other hand, odorless and colorless carbon monoxide can cause fatalities. As the heaters will be used again, change the batteries on all the safety alarms around your home to guarantee they work as expected.

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Inspect Exterior Walkways, Stairs, And Driveways For Winter Safety

Winter is only a few months away. It is recommended that you ensure your home’s safety before the winter arrives. Check the parts of the property exposed to the elements. For instance, the driveways, stairs, railings, and walkways should be ready for winter to prevent accidents. Anything broken should be repaired immediately before they get covered in snow. Ensure that the railings are sturdy and reliable. The driveway should be solid, so it is easy to shovel snow.

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Rake Leaves

image of a man raking the leaves

People may get excited during the season’s early days when the leaves begin to fall, and the ground is covered with colorful leaves. It may look beautiful that they let the leaves build up while they do other chores. However, it may not look as romantic when the weather becomes colder, and the leaves get covered in snow. It may also hinder spring growth. It would be best to rake the leaves to get rid of them immediately.

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Care For Trees And Shrubs

Trees can look beautiful in the fall. The changes in the color of their leaves are especially pleasing to the eyes. These changes can also indicate the trees’ health. However, the trees may have plant diseases if they change color earlier than usual or have many dead branches. Contact an arborist if you have a lot of trees to care for.

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Clean Gutters And Downspouts

Dead leaves and branches may not just fall on the ground but also on your roof and gutters. This is problematic because they can block the flow of water. Rotting organic matter can also attract pests into your home. Clean the downspouts and gutter periodically, depending on how much debris there is and how close your home is to trees. If the gutters are too high, have a professional cleaner clean them for you.

Make Exterior Repairs

You should also check the roof for any damage. Inspect the siding and foundation as well. The exterior goes through a great deal of environmental stress, so problems can develop more quickly than in the interior. Have any issues repaired before the winter arrives.

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Shut Off All Exterior Faucets And Store Drain Hoses

Ensure that all exterior faucets are shut off. You should also drain and store all hoses properly. This precautionary measure helps prevent frozen pipes. These exposed fixtures should have no water flowing through them as the water can expand when it freezes and cause damage to the plumbing system. Drain everything before the temperature drops. Moreover, use spigot covers to cover all outdoor faucets.

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