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Lots of homeowners are replacing their olf heating and cooling systems with ductless mini-splits. They are a great solution for your heating and cooling problems. A mini-split will help you to adapt to the specific needs of your household.

Mini-splits give you lots of options and control, so you will experience great home comfort. With the right control strategy, you can make sure every area of your home is the temperature you desire.

The perfect ductless mini-split controller will not only help your system run at optimum efficiency, but it will also make your system easy to use to cater to your preferences.

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What Is A Ductless Mini-Split Controller?

To communicate with your cooling and heating system, you need an HVAC controller. They can be a very simple controller with only the essential functions. Others are more sophisticated, like wireless ones that you can even control from your smartphone.

An indoor air handler has sensors that control cooling, heating, and dehumidification of your system. Your controller signals the sensors to reach the comfort setting you desire. Inverter technology helps to maintain that comfort.

Mini-splits are the best solution when it comes to any heating, cooling, or energy-efficiency issues. The controller lets you have full customization of your comfort and easy adjustments for your wants and needs. A mini-split paired with the right controller will give you full control over your system.

This article goes through all the different types of controls and options at your disposal. Each type of controller has different capabilities, so it’s important to learn about each before you make a decision.

Controller Functions

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The system’s brand, make, and model will determine what functions are available to you. Below are the standard features that are typically on most controllers.

  • On/Off Display – This display indicates when the unit is running.
  • Mode Setting – The mode of operation can be changed with this setting. Typically, there are four modes: AUTO, DRY, COOL, and HEAT. AUTO mode automatically changes between HEAT and COOL modes. It switches to HEAT when the temperature is low and to COOL when the temperature is high.
    • DRY mode cycles the compressor on and off for a couple of minutes, based on the room temperature. COOL mode cools the room. It is typically used in the summer. HEAT mode warms up the room, usually during the winter season.
  • Economical Mode – This activates the sleep or economy function. When in use, your system raises the temperature in pre-set steps. For example, the temperature will increase one degree after an hour, then two degrees after two hours, and so on. This mode is often used at night when the occupants of the room are going to sleep. This mode is to save energy as well.
  • Fan Speed – The speed of the fan is determined by this function. The speeds include Low, Medium, High, or Auto. The Auto speed changes the actual room temperature based on the desired set temperature.
  • Timer – The timer is used to set the amount of time your system turns on or off.
  • Air Louver – This function allows you to direct airflow. Some units use an up or down control, while others use a right and left louver control.
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Basic Controls

All indoor units come with a handheld controller. But a lot of homeowners are surprised when their indoor units do not come with a smart thermostat.

The handheld controller is similar to a TV remote. It only allows you to communicate with one indoor unit at a time. You can turn the indoor unit on or off. It also lets you set a specific temperature, and put your system in heating or cooling mode. Finally, it allows you to manage the airspeed and vane direction. Some controllers also have timers and sensors which make for great convenience and comfort.

A basic controller will be enough for you if you just have a single-zone mini-split. But, you might want a controller that can control multiple units if you have a multi-zone unit.

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Programmable Controls

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A device that allows you to control all your indoor units with just one controller is best if you have a multi-zone mini-split system. If you have a controller for each unit, you will soon realize that it is a big hassle to manually control each individual unit.

Programmable thermostats have the same functions as a standard controller. But, it also has an added feature: automated daily settings. With this setting, you can pre-program the specific temperature you want for any day. The thermostat is equipped with technology that allows communication even through walls. This makes sure that all the connected units get the right settings and operate to your standards. These parameters include how long the system is on or off, the fan speed, airflow direction, and temperature.

To make sure your indoor units work properly, ensure that the mini-split and the programmable controller are the same brands. If not, the two might be incompatible.

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Smart Controls

Smart thermostats can do more than just schedule set parameters. They have features like real-time weather notifications and predictions that automatically adjust the unit’s settings. It will learn your preferences and anticipate the specific settings you want depending on the time of the day.

Some smart thermostats are equipped with multi-zone sensors that help with home safety and security. These sensors are able to detect the level of humidity in the home. It’s able to make sure any occupied rooms are air-conditioned at your preferred temperature. It can also control your humidifier, dehumidifier, and ventilator.

Also, smart thermostats can connect with home security devices like carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and cameras. You can receive notifications to your phone that will alert you if the temperature in your home reaches dangerous levels. This alert would occur if it is so cold that a pipe could burst or if it is too hot that your pet might get sick.

One downside to smart controllers is that they are quite expensive and complicated to install. Every indoor air handler requires a smart thermostat and a thermostat adapter to be installed by a professional, also known as a dry contact. This allows them to communicate with each other. Smart thermostats might not work properly with mini-split heat pumps. Even if it does work, it might not function as efficiently.


Wi-Fi Adapters

A smart thermostat may seem like the best option. But, a wi-fi adapter might be a better choice if you want to increase your home comfort without any extra cost or confusion. Wi-fi adapters are easily one of the best control solutions available right now. A wi-fi adapter has the same functionality as a programmable controller with the convenience of a smart thermostat. It’s simple to use and won’t be too expensive if you’re on a budget.

Wi-fi adapters are brand-specific, so it is important to check if it is compatible with your mini-split. The device is installed in every indoor unit and it is controlled with an app on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. After setting it up, you’ll have complete control of your ductless unit at your fingertips. You can control temperature settings, humidity, fan speed, airflow, and more.

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Integrated Controls

If you already have an existing heating and cooling system in your home, but may want to consider supplementing them with a mini-split. If you do, you’ll want to purchase a RedLink controller. It is an integrated control system that lets you control your mini-split units altogether.

With RedLink Technology, you can connect up to 16 devices on your heating and cooling system. You can manually operate devices from your smartphone or central controller. It won’t interfere with any other wireless devices in your home. This system allows you to save on energy costs and supplement your current HVAC equipment.



Learning about different controllers and what they can do is necessary to create the best home comfort strategy for your specific needs. For more information on how mini-split controllers can help you meet your heating and cooling needs, talk to a qualified technician. The experts have great knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing and installing the best controller for your heating and cooling needs.

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