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Reduce Your Energy Costs This Summer With An AC Tune-Up

energy billsIf you are like some homeowners, you may not know how often you should complete A/C maintenance. You may think that it is okay to skip it now and then, particularly if you do not overuse your air conditioner.

However, improper or scanty air conditioner maintenance often leads to the need for costly repairs or even a whole system replacement. Additionally, if you fail to maintain your air conditioner, you may find yourself without air conditioning when you need it the most.

For example, you would probably not be happy to find yourself facing an expensive A/C repair in the middle of July when temperatures are scorching. Having your air conditioner conk out in the middle of summer is never a good experience.

Imagine trying to sleep during a mid-summer heat wave without the A/C cooling your home. The best way to avoid the scenarios above is to have the air conditioning unit maintained regularly.

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Lower Your Cooling Costs With An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Slatington PA

Below is some information to help you understand why yearly A/C maintenance is essential. Not only do we discuss the significance of an annual air conditioner tune-up, but we also explain why a tune-up can save you big bucks.

An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Helps Maintain The Efficiency Of Your System

Yearly maintenance keeps your A/C in top running order. During the annual tuneup, your HVAC tech removes the debris and dust that often collects in the A/C coils. The tech will also remedy any clogs and lubricate various parts of the unit. After this, different components will be cleaned and adjusted for maximum efficiency.

Unlubricated parts, clogged drains, and dirty coils can cause your unit to labor unnecessarily. When this happens, energy costs rise, as the system must use additional power. To avoid wasting money on higher utility bills, have an HVAC technician make sure that each part is working correctly.

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Maintenance Is Far Less Expensive Than Air Conditioner Repairs

air conditioner repairYearly air conditioner maintenance also typically includes an evaluation by your HVAC tech. They look for minor problems and subsequently prevent them from becoming major ones. Generally speaking, having air conditioner maintenance completed regularly results in fewer air conditioner repairs in the future. This is particularly true when the unit must work its hardest, during the hot summer months.

Protect Your Air Conditioner’s Warranty

Certain manufacturers include yearly maintenance in their warranty clause. Review your warranty certificate to determine whether or not the warranty is conditional on annual HVAC tune-ups from a professional technician. If it is, and you fail to schedule the appropriate maintenance, you may become ineligible for air conditioner replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Ensures You Get the Most Out of Your Cooling System

A properly maintained HVAC system has a longer lifespan than systems that are poorly maintained. For this reason, regular maintenance ensures not only a longer lifespan for your unit but also guarantees you will get the most out of your system. This is also true in reverse: if the A/C is not appropriately maintained, its longevity is reduced. Therefore, one of the most intelligent things you can do is to spend a few dollars for annual A/C maintenance.

An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Improves Indoor Air Quality

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps keep your indoor air clean and free from contaminants such as microorganisms and mold spores. Filter replacement is an important part of a tuneup for this very reason. Your HVAC technician may also suggest additional ways to maintain indoor air quality. This may also help you and your loved ones avoid respiratory problems or even costly illnesses, especially if you or someone in the home is prone to asthma or allergies.

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HVAC Service Is Easier To Acquire During The Off-Season

Schedule your air conditioning tune-ups during the offseason, as cheaper prices and more flexible scheduling can be acquired during this time.



Yearly A/C maintenance pays for itself by providing a broad range of benefits. If you want an efficient air conditioner, good indoor air quality, and reasonable cooling costs, you should service your air conditioner every year.

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