Do I Need To Service My Air Conditioner?


While simple machines such as fans and disposable units like microwave ovens rarely require service, others require routine maintenance. A home air conditioner is one of the machines requiring maintenance. The cooling system can be compared to a lawnmower or even an auto. It has numerous parts that require regular AC maintenance for reliability. Owners of these systems receive regular encouragement from A/C installers, electrical utility companies, and the federal government to have regular tune-ups.

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Reasons Your AC System Requires Service

image of AC-tune-up that takes place in Lehighton PAOver time, dust and debris build up in the A/C unit, especially in the condenser coils. This buildup causes the system to lose efficiency and can cause other issues. The buildup can also cause an unpleasant odor in the house. Even when you are not using air conditioning in the winter, the system can develop serious mechanical or electrical issues. One example is a system that begins to leak refrigerant.

Ignoring the need for air conditioner maintenance can lead to safety issues. While AC equipment is responsible for fewer fires than electric fans, a poorly maintained unit that has degraded can cause a fire. Dirty condenser coils provide a place for mold spores, allergens and other contaminants to gather and be spread all over the house. A lack of maintenance can also cause problems with the other components of the electrical system.

What Is The Best Frequency For AC Tune-Ups?

Most cooling system manufacturers and repair technicians recommend annual maintenance. The spring is the best time for air conditioning service. During the spring tune-up, the technician addresses any problems that have developed during the idle season or the last summer’s cooling season. Spring maintenance ensures the cooling system is clean and ready for the demands of the hot summer months. The professional maintenance session should include a complete inspection and thorough cleaning of the system.

What Happens In The Tune-Up?

When they service your air conditioning system, the HVAC technician normally cleans and examines the condenser coils. The technician also inspects many other components of the system, including the motor, drain, lines, connections and blower fan. These professionals ensure your system is working correctly and make any necessary adjustments or repairs. They check to ensure the refrigerant is balanced.

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How Does A Tune-Up Benefit You?

An annual air conditioning system tune-up is a great investment. It can help to lower your electric bill. The improvement in efficiency of a clean AC unit reduces your energy bill by as much as 16 percent. Additionally, the maintenance call improves the lifespan of the unit. With proper maintenance, your air conditioner can keep your home cool for 14 to 16 years. Without regular tune-ups, you may lose half the life expectancy for your system.

While relatively minor repairs for the cooling system usually cost in the hundreds of dollars, major repairs are much more expensive. Homeowners who face major repairs or replacement of their systems might spend thousands of dollars. A simple repair such as unclogging a drain is relatively inexpensive. However, left clogged, leaking water from the system can cause major damage.

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A/C Tune-Up Lehighton PA

In summary, your air conditioner requires service annually. The money you spend on the A/C tune-up reduces operating expenses and increases the reliability of the system. It can prevent failure of the equipment during the hot days of summer when technicians are especially busy. Always choose an HVAC contractor with the proper licenses and insurance coverage to do the work.

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