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Residential and commercial HD-5 grade propane delivery

We deliver competitively priced residential and commercial HD-5 grade propane throughout Carbon, Monroe, Northampton, Lehigh, and Schuylkill counties.

Learn how to order propane online and get the best propane prices in Northeastern PA. We work with homeowners that own their own propane tanks as well as those who do not. We offer convenient, online, 24/7 propane ordering.

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Let us help you place your propane order in the most efficient manner possible:

Do you own your propane tank?

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*To request delivery your tank must be at or below 30% before we are able to deliver to your location. Our Comfort Specialists will contact to you confirm delivery. Propane will be delivered within one week.

*If you own your tank you must provide proof of ownership (Bill of Sale) prior to delivery.

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