Heating Oil: Fact Or Fiction?

heating oil fact or fictionWith winter approaching, marketers are working hard to promote natural gas, electric heaters, and various other options. Unfortunately, some companies are trying to boost their sales by spreading deceptive claims and myths about heating oil. However, heating oil has withstood the test of time, providing homes and businesses with a reliable and affordable source of heat. There are various heating oil facts that this article will discuss.

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Heating Oil: Fact Or Fiction?

In this article, we share some facts about heating oil.

Fiction: Oil Generates Less Thermal Energy

Fiction: Oil generates less thermal energy than the alternatives.

Fact: This fuel yields about 139,000 BTUs per gallon, according to the federal government. It actually compares well with other heating fuels. Therefore, it is a viable source of heat.

Fiction: Heating Oil Does Not Help The Economy

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Fiction: Petroleum companies do not benefit local economies in the United States.

Fact: This industry employs almost 50,000 U.S. citizens. It provides well-paying careers for many engineers and technicians. Local fuel dealers and equipment installers boost the economies of towns and cities across the nation. Also, with the development of bioheat, U.S. farmers benefit.

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Fiction: Heating Oil Is Bad For The Environment

Fiction: Fuel oil is a major source of air pollution.

Fact: This fuel produces far fewer emissions than it did in the past. Only about 0.3 percent of particulate air pollution comes from oil home heating systems. The industry is working to make this fuel even cleaner. This industry reduced its emissions of greenhouse gases by about 33 percent between 1970 and 2015 and therefore, has addressed climate change issues.

Also, some dealers offer Bioheat, a blend of renewable biofuels and ultra-low sulfur heating oil. It contains up to 20% biodiesel. This substantially decreases air emissions. Furthermore, per the Providence Resolution, this ratio will increase to 100% by the year 2050. This makes heating oil, or Bioheat a liquid renewable fuel.

Fiction: Heating Oil Is Less Efficient

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Fiction: This source of energy is less efficient than other options.

Fact: Compared to oil heat systems manufactured two decades ago, today’s heating units consume about one-quarter less fuel. Some systems are up to 94% efficient. This means that they can convert more fuel into usable heat.

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 Fiction: Heating Oil Costs Far Too Much.

Fiction: Heating oil costs far too much.

Fact: When inflation is considered, this fuel is less expensive than it was 35 years ago. Natural gas prices are starting to rise, and electricity has remained more costly for decades. Also, heating oil burns a lot hotter than other fuel sources. This means that you use less fuel to get just as much, if not more, heat.

Fiction: Oil Is Highly Dangerous.

image of a match depicting heating oil flammability

Fiction: Oil is highly dangerous and explosive.

Fact: A specialized burner must turn this fuel into a vapor before ignition occurs, so matches or sparks cannot easily ignite it. Unlike some fuels, it is not explosive. Therefore, this aspect of heating oil makes it far safer than other alternative fuel sources.

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 Fiction: Most Petroleum Comes From Countries That Are Unstable.

Fiction: Most petroleum comes from countries that are unstable or antagonistic toward the United States.

Fact: The U.S. generates much of the heating oil it uses. Other supplies mostly come from the Western Hemisphere. Bioheat is making it possible to produce even more fuel domestically.

The truth is that oil is a safe, economical fuel with a comparatively small environmental impact. Nonetheless, the industry is working to make it even more sustainable and efficient.


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