The Advantages Of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

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Pennsylvania homeowners who utilize oil as their primary source of fuel can now enjoy the benefits of ultra-low sulfur heating oil or ULSHO. It is a state-of-the-art heating fuel that comes with many advantages over natural gas. It is a better option compared to the heating oils of the past. This article will explore what ULSHO is and how people can benefit from this super fuel.

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ULSHO: An Overview

Sulfur is the black sooty component of oil fuel. It is considered dirty and harms both our health and the environment. Therefore, heating oil that has less sulfur content means that it has fewer pollutants.

The past fifty years saw oil refineries removing the element of sulfur from heating oil. It is achieved through Hydrodesulfurization (HDS). As of late, ultra-low sulfur heating oil has 15 parts-per-million (ppm). This is a significant decrease from the 2,000 ppm that was still utilized as of 2015 in Pennsylvania. Therefore, this type of heating oil is one of the best options when it comes to environmentally-friendly fuels.

Using ULSHO means your household has a smaller carbon footprint. It allows both oil suppliers and property owners to make better choices when it comes to heating our homes.


Benefits Of ULSHO

image of scarf around house depicting use of oil heatSome of the many pros that ultra-low sulfur heating oil has are listed below:

Cleaner Burn

According to the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association, ULSHO burns cleaner than traditional heating oil. Particulate matter is reduced by 97%, sulfur dioxide by 99%, nitrous oxide by 30%, and carbon dioxide by 2%. It also produces less ash buildup by 90% and soot by 40%.

High Heating Efficiency Level

ULSHO is a higher-quality source of heat than other heating fuels. It has less soot and scaling, so you get more heat in your home instead of getting released to the chimney. It is more superior to natural gas as well, especially when it comes to heating efficiency. This is because you have to burn at least 40% more gas to receive the same level of heat you’ll get from ULSHO. Using ULSHO, therefore, means that your home becomes highly efficient and cost-effective.

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Longer Heating Unit Lifespan

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ULSHO helps your heating equipment last for a long time. It is a clean-burning fuel that, as previously stated, has less soot and ash buildup. Therefore, it leaves fewer residues on your system’s components. This reduces your heating system’s need for repairs or replacements. Thus, ULSHO helps ensure that your heating unit has a long lifespan.

ULSHO Costs & Heating System Upgrades

ULSHO has been available for delivery to PA homes and businesses since September 2020. However, many Pennsylvania residents still have a few concerns regarding their system and this heating oil. For instance, they wonder about whether they need to upgrade their existing heating system or if the one they have now is compatible with this heating oil. They are also concerned about how much this super fuel would cost them.

Luckily, you can use the heating unit you currently have. Switching from traditional heating oil to ULSHO doesn’t mean you need to replace or change anything with your existing system. You also do not have to worry about ULSHO prices as it costs comparably the same as conventional heating oil.



Oil suppliers can now deliver ultra-low sulfur heating oil to Pennsylvania residents. It has many advantages, including low cost, increased unit lifespan, and high efficiency. It is a more environmentally friendly heating option that both homeowners and business owners of the area can significantly benefit from.


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