What Is The Difference Between A Boiler And A Furnace?

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When discussing heating systems for residential and commercial applications, some homeowners confuse boilers with furnaces. Although both systems are used as a heating source, this is where their similarity ends. This article sorts out any confusion between the two types of HVAC systems, including some pros and cons of each.

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COVID-19: Your Health & Comfort Matter Most – R.F. Ohl


R.F. Ohl, an essential business and Lennox dealer, specializes in HVAC solutions in northeastern PA. Learn what R.F. Ohl can do to help homeowners get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our home comfort solutions can lead to a healthier environment, free from indoor air pollutants. Click through to find out more.

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Can Furnaces Work Without Filters?

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Heating and cooling units are designed with air filters to trap particulate matter. Without this filter, substances such as dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, and pet dander are sucked up and circulated throughout your home. These pollutants are not only harmful to your health but also the health of your furnace system. People with allergies should…

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Your HVAC System And Your Pets

Pets and HVAC systems in Easton Pennsylvania

As you probably know, owning a pet can change your life in unusual ways. But did you know that your pet can affect your air conditioning system too? All pets come with dander, which can pose a serious problem with regards to indoor air quality. Besides, shedding animals can damage HVAC units in a number of ways. In this article, we will discuss what do you need to do to keep your system functioning normally while keeping your pet happy. Click through to find out more on this subject.

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The Benefits Of Using Energy Star Rated Household Fans

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Household fans are very energy efficient. This list of fans includes pole mounted fans, wall mounted fans, floor fans, table fans and also ceiling fans. In this article, we discuss the ways in which household fans are beneficial during the summer. Click through to read more on this topic.

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