Does Heating Oil Have A Shelf Life?

heating oil shelf life

There are multiple benefits to buying heating oil in bulk, namely cost efficiency and reliability. There are discounts available for purchasing oil in larger quantities, and buying in bulk significantly reduces the likelihood of running out of oil during the cold winter months. This is how you can find the best heating oil prices. However, bulk purchasing may also leave consumers with excess fuel oil that gets stored until the next cold season. Many consumers do not know the proper way to store oil to keep it from expiring. The following is a set of guidelines for the proper storage of #2 heating oil. Click through to learn more on this topic.

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The Reasons Behind Heating Oil’s Price Drop

heating oil price reduction

Heating oil companies are predicting an all-time low for heating oil this coming winter. Because of this, consumers can enjoy the savings associated with reduced home heating costs. Typically, when there is a price reduction in fuel costs, most consumers question why there is a price reduction to begin with. Learn why heating oil prices have significantly dropped.

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