image of heating oil delivery in Northampton PennsylvaniaThere are multiple benefits to buying heating oil in bulk, namely cost efficiency and reliability. There are discounts available for purchasing oil in larger quantities. Also, buying in bulk significantly reduces the likelihood of running out of oil during the cold winter months. This is one method that works towards finding the best heating oil prices.

However, bulk purchasing may also leave consumers with excess fuel oil that gets stored until the next cold season.

Many consumers do not know the proper way to store oil…

to keep it from expiring. In this article, we will discuss proper storage of #2 heating oil.

A Brief Summary

Heating oil is made from the processing of crude oil through the separation of mixtures, called fractional distillation. #2 heating oil, also known as furnace or boiler oil, is similar to the fuel used in diesel cars, only in a simpler form. Diesel fuel meant for engines also contains supplements to improve function and longevity. Some kinds of premium fuel oil will also have additives to make them last longer and reduce degradation.

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Storing Oil

heating oil shelf lifeStoring oil for long periods subjects it to degradation. Bacteria, water, and acids found in the heating oil storage tank significantly increase this degradation and impact the shelf-life of the heating oil. In order to avoid this, it’s important to make sure the storage tank is tightly sealed. Bacteria buildup from a improperly sealed tank significantly decreases oil’s shelf-life.

It is also important to make sure…

the storage tank is clean before adding any oil to it. Paint, rust, or other oils (like old motor oil) can damage fuel oil. They cause it to degrade faster, or even make it unusable.

It is best not to store other chemicals in the same storage tank. This is true even when it is not being used to store heating oil. Doing so will greatly reduce the shelf-life of the heating oil.

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Heating oil lasts as long as two years when it is treated and stored properly. The first factor in prolonging oil’s shelf-life is making sure the storage tank is clean and well-sealed. Any contaminants such as paint or other oils will cause oil to degrade faster. They also increase the buildup of sediments that can clog fuel systems or make them less efficient.

Use additives designed to increase oil’s shelf-life. Additives also help to stabilize it and prevent degradation along with the buildup of sludge. It’s important to make sure these additives are present at the time of delivery in order for them to work properly. Many heating oil delivery companies already add additives in their heating oil to prevent sludge. You will have to verify this with your local fuel oil provider.

Additives are important because there is no product that can reverse the process of degradation.

Improperly storing oil can be costly, not only because of oil degradation, but because of damage to heating systems. Sediment buildup in oil can clog filters. They can make fuel systems less efficient or possibly even shut them down altogether. This can have serious consequences during the winter season. A simple sludge treatment added to fuel oil can help prevent this problem.

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Heating Oil Delivery Northampton PA

image of a home getting a fuel oil deliveryYou can store heating oil effectively for eighteen to twenty-four months. This is true given the proper conditions and treatments.

Contaminants such as rust, paint, or water in the tank will cause oil to degrade faster. They also increase the buildup of sediments. While buying oil in bulk has its benefits, it can also have costly consequences when it is not stored properly.

Consumers, who do not know how to store oil, must have degraded oil removed by professionals. You need a clean, well-sealed storage tank. Also, use additives to prevent sediment buildup to ensure that oil lasts well into the next season.

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