Rinnai Manufactures Tankless Water Heaters In The U.S.

Rinnai manufacturingOne of the wonderful benefits of a tankless water heater is that you can enjoy the convenience of hot water on demand. Even if you have the washing machine running or dishwasher running, you can still enjoy a nice warm shower.

A quality Rinnai tankless water heater will deliver the hot water you need, when you need it.

There’s no holding tank that heats the water. Consequently, this means that it doesn’t waste energy trying to maintain the water at a specified temperature. Therefore, a tankless water heater reduces your monthly energy bills.

Comfort is enhanced with a tankless water heater. Effort PA residents could really benefit from having one put into their home.

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We think that tankless water heaters…

can really improve a home in many ways. When comparing the tankless water heater pros and cons, you will find that the pros far outweigh the cons. The plumbers at R.F. Ohl can help you achieve the enhanced comfort levels in your home that tankless water heaters offer. In this article, we will cover Rinnai’s big manufacturing announcement.

Rinnai Manufactures Tankless Water Heaters In The U.S.

on demand water heater in effort pa homeAs if providing quality tankless hot water heaters wasn’t enough, the Japanese company Rinnai has now come out and announced that they will soon begin manufacturing their high-quality tankless gas water heaters in North America. In fact, Rinnai will be the first manufacturer of tankless water heaters in the U.S. Their manufacturing and assembly operations will begin in April 2018.

They will begin manufacturing and assembling their quality tankless water heaters in an existing factory. Its location is in Griffin, Georgia.

They have plans to…

build a new 300,000 square foot facility as part of their expansion in North America. This facility will produce both residential and commercial tankless plumbing systems. Consequently, this will bring jobs to the Griffin area. Initially, the $69 million dollar Rinnai manufacturing facility will bring 150 new jobs to the area. That number will rise to over 300 within the next 10 years.

Frank Windsor, Chief Operating Officer for Rinnai America, said that Rinnai is committed to product and technology innovation. They want to exceed the expectations of Rinnai dealers, installers, as well as their customers. Rinnai is the number one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America. This move is a step towards ensuring they remain a leader in this industry.

Rinnai’s leadership in the industry has played an important role in growing consumer interest with tankless hot water heaters. Their corporate vision is “Enhancing lives by changing the way water is heated.”. Furthermore, it is expected that the new Rinnai manufacturing and assembly facility in Griffin, Georgia will help Rinnai continue their vision. This vision consists of bringing the energy efficient comfort of tankless hot water heating to people throughout North America.

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Expansion Of North American Headquarters

Additionally, Rinnai has also invested in an expansion of their North American Headquarters. They plan on doing this in Peach Tree City, Georgia. Furthermore, they also have plans to launch a new North America Innovation and Training Center, also in Peach Tree City. The new manufacturing facility in Griffin will be in close proximity to Rinnai’s North American Headquarters and their Innovation Center.

This allows Rinnai to maintain…

their high level of manufacturing guidelines while also providing quality control. Furthermore, this is what has made them a leader in the tankless water heater industry. You will certainly find that this is true when reading tankless water heater reviews.

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