Tips On Solving Water Hammer Noises

homeowner who hears pipes banging noise in their lehighton pa homeIf you are like most homeowners, you can think of at least one time when you heard some odd noises coming from your plumbing pipes. If you are wondering what these water pipe noises are and how best to remedy the situation, you are not alone.

Many homeowners eventually have plumbing problems and require the services of a professional plumbing contractor to make the appropriate repairs.

In this article, you will find some facts about common noises in your plumbing system and what resolves these specific issues. It is important to leave most, if not all, plumbing-related work for the professionals.

Water Hammer Sounds

A common banging sound heard in water pipes is the result of something referred to as a water hammer. Such noises occur more frequently than you may realize. They are normally heard when the faucet is turned off, as this changes the direction of the water flow. When the latter is suddenly changed, it creates a pressure wave buildup and that is the noise you hear when the flow of water is shut off.

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Solving Water Hammer Issues

Installing water pressure valves or regulators in your plumbing system is one way to avoid the buildup of water pressure. Thus, it also reduces the noise. The best place to install such a regulator is the point where the home’s primary water source enters the pipes.

Pressure reducing valves protect dishwashers, showers and toilets from damage caused by the buildup of pressure. This is important because this pressure buildup cause damage to your appliances. Also, if it reaches a level of 100 PSI or higher, it may void warranties on these appliances as well. This means that the cost to replace plumbing appliances must be paid by you. You will receive no manufacturer’s reimbursement. For this reason, after the valves or regulators are installed, you should check the pressure of the normal running water and make sure that it calibrates at a level of 50 PSI or less.

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Air Chamber Installation

Installing air chambers is also recommended if your goal is to solve water hammer noises and damage from pressure buildup. An air chamber is simply a pipe installed at a vertical angle. This type of pipe is typically situated next to the water valve in the cavity of the wall. It works by stopping the generation of waves in the plumbing pipes. These air chambers should be installed throughout your home in suitable locations recommended by a plumber. It is important to check them from time to time to make sure they are functioning properly. Below are some tips on how to complete this task:

Make sure the main water valve is turned off. Then, set the faucets at both the lowest and highest point of your home to the on position. This will empty all plumbing pipes of any leftover water. As the water drains out, air will replace it within the pipes. When there is no more water left draining from the lowest faucet, turn all faucets off. Reopen the main valve. Once this valve is re-opened, air will push out of the horizontal plumbing pipes and the air chamber. You may hear a sputtering sound when this occurs. A certain amount of air remains in the air chambers. This prevents the water hammer effect.

Invest In Mechanical Water Arrestors

Water arrestors are simple units. They are made up of a spring and an air bladder. Such devices prevent the water hammer affect by absorbing the movement of water. They are a great choice for areas where the installation of air chambers is not possible.

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Pipes Banging Noise Lehighton PA

The water hammer effect is particularly troublesome in homes where a peaceful, quiet environment is desired. For this reason, if you have issues with water hammer sounds or other problems, contact a professional plumbing service for maintenance and repairs. This will ensure that your home remains peaceful and damage free.

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