Why Am I Running Out Of Hot Water?

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Hot showers give you a relaxing feeling. It’s a great way to start the day or wash off a stressful day after work. However, running out of hot water in the middle of your shower can dampen your mood. You would have to finish your shower using cold water instead. Running out of hot water is a more common issue than you think. Fortunately, it can be solved easily with the assistance of a trained plumber.

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Reasons For A Low Hot Water Supply

Read on to find out the causes behind this problem and what can be done when this happens to you.

1. Your Water Heater Isn’t Big Enough

Running out of hot water could be because there is a discrepancy between your water heater tank’s capacity and your hot water needs. The tank’s capacity is the amount of water your tank can heat at a time. The tank you have might be too small for your needs. Therefore, it might only hold enough hot water for a quick shower but not for a long soak.

You can replace it with a larger one to correct this. Consult with a licensed plumber for the best solution. You might be able to go one or two sizes higher than the current capacity you have. This way, you can enjoy the long showers you’ve always wanted without any hitch.

image of a water heater that is too small for home

2. There Is Sediment Buildup In Your Hot Water Heater

The water that you use at home is not as pure as you might think. Although it is tasteless, odorless, and clear, some impurities are mixed in with the liquid. A lab test will show you that countless minerals in the water might have been mixed in with it through artificial or natural ways.

Two of the most common minerals in the water are magnesium and calcium. These can accumulate and become sediments that sink to the water tank’s bottom. Sediment buildup will continue and reduce your tank’s capacity. Periodic flushing is needed to solve this problem. A professional plumber should be able to do this effectively.

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3. The Water Heater’s Dip Tube Is Broken

An old water heater might have a broken dip tube that is causing the problem. This typically happens to water heaters that were made in the mid-90s. This component is responsible for directing cold water into the tank so that it can be heated. There have been reports that the tubes made during that time had some manufacturing defects. The material used does not hold up to the job as it breaks down as time passes. Some even dissolved from the hot water.

It is a good thing that the tube can be replaced easily. If you are on a tight budget, you could get cheap repairs to solve this issue. Otherwise, consider getting a total water heater replacement. Newer water heaters have more efficiency and reliability than models made decades ago.

water heater element


4. The Water Heater Has A Bad Lower Element

Another reason behind the sudden hot water loss is a bad lower element. The bottom of your tank has several heating elements. The lower element typically malfunctions first due to the stress placed on this component. When this happens, the tank cannot heat the water, and you won’t have any hot water to use. An expert plumber can check if this is the cause of the problem using a multimeter.

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After a thorough inspection to determine the problem, repairs can be made so that your water heater can operate properly again. Make sure to hire a reputable plumbing company with unquestionable experience to help you.

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