Plumbing Noises That Indicate The Need For Fast Plumbing Services

plumbing issues at homeIf your home plumbing system ever starts making strange noises, then contacting a professional plumbing service is a good idea. Although the cause of some sounds might be easy to identify, others are not going to be as noticeable. Nonetheless, contacting a plumbing professional when you know your plumbing system is acting up can save you a lot of unnecessary costs and frustration.

The reason for this is that minor plumbing issues can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t address them in a timely fashion. The bigger the plumbing issue, the more expensive it is to fix. Thus, it’s always best to call in a professional plumber as soon as you possibly can.

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A Guide To Strange Plumbing Noises Throughout Your Home

lehighton plumbing servicesMany consumers know that when their home plumbing system begins making strange noises, they need to call a plumber. Very few people, however, are aware of what each type of sound might mean. A knowledgeable examination of what each plumbing noise indicates is vital for making sure that your home plumbing continues to remain in good working order.

Banging And Clanging Sounds

There are times when you might hear a loud banging sound immediately after turning your plumbing on. These clanging noises are not necessarily an emergency, but they are annoying. Plumbers sometimes refer to this banging noise as a water hammer. It occurs when the valves within the system start interrupting normal water flow as the water moves from one area to another.

Even though this particular plumbing noise is a nuisance, the actual, underlying cause can be a bit more than merely annoying. Some of the related complications can cause significant damage to your pipes. In instances in which the underlying issue is severe, it causes loosening of the joints, higher, monthly water bills, and plumbing leaks. Call a plumber who has experience with these types of plumbing services and set up an appointment.


Shaking Noises Within The Plumbing

As water rushes through the pipes in your home, some amount of shaking is bound to occur. If, however, this shaking becomes so severe that the plumbing system starts to emit noises, there is a problem. More often than not, when pipes start shaking more than usual, the mounting straps have a problem. Homeowners can check these straps to determine whether they’ve become loose and if they need a plumber to come and replace or refasten them. Remember that attempting to fix issues like these by yourself could result in additional and even more extensive damage. Straps can start coming loose when a plumber installs them incorrectly and when they begin to wear down. Find a plumber who specializes in residential services and who has an extensive list of residential plumbing services that they offer.

Gurgling Sounds From Your Home Plumbing System

plumberThere are times when gurgling sounds can come from different parts of your plumbing system.

This sound can be caused by a clog that’s disrupting the flow of water down your drains. The resulting pressure forces water into tiny spaces to create audible, gurgling sounds. If you can hear these sounds irrespective of the drain that you’re using, your drain vents could be the issue.

By having a home plumbing expert come in to help, your vents and drainage system can be checked and correctly installed to ensure that clogging does not occur.

It’s vital to note that failure to resolve this particular issue could lead to your system quickly becoming blocked. It is a significant problem that you don’t want to have to deal with. Always be sure to work with an experienced plumber who’s well-versed in dealing with issues like this one.

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Screeching Sounds & Your Plumbing

Screeching noises are among the most annoying sounds that your home plumbing system can make. There are times when noises like these become so severe that even the thought of using your pipes makes you cringe. Causes usually include a damaged or loose part of your faucet. More often than not, plumbing professionals will recommend merely entirely replacing the faucet, given that repairs will only last several weeks or months before the loud, screeching sounds start all over again.

No matter what type of strange noises your home plumbing system has begun to make, you want to seek the help of a qualified plumbing professional right away to have the problem resolved.

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