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Wall-mounted units are the most common among the different types of ductless mini-splits. Nevertheless, it isn’t always the recommended option to heat or cool your home or office. Wall-mounted units are ideal for spaces such as a living room or a small office. However, larger spaces need more power and coverage. Spaces such as recreational areas, commercial buildings, and educational facilities need to have a more effective HVAC unit than wall-mounted or floor-mounted ductless systems.

During these situations, a suspended ductless unit can help you achieve your heating and cooling needs. It is a conditioning solution to most large residential and commercial settings. You can rest easy knowing that a ceiling suspended mini-split can effectively cool your office building, retail store, gym, restaurant, large game room, or equipment room.

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When To Choose A Ceiling Suspended Unit

If you are searching for a mini-split that can effectively and efficiently heat or cool large areas without the need to install many units, then a suspended unit might be what you are looking for. A ceiling suspended system can move conditioned air on the entirety of large spaces. It provides consistent cooling or heating that can accommodate those that wall- or floor-mounted units cannot.
A ceiling suspended mini-split is also for large places that cannot install other kinds of HVAC systems. An example is an area that has floor to ceiling windows. The lack of wall space to install wall-mounted units makes a ceiling suspended one a more viable option. Unless the ceiling is also made of a fragile material like glass, then a suspended unit is the obvious go-to solution.

Suspended mini-splits are also the ideal cooling and heating unit for commercial structures, such as classrooms, office lobbies, call centers, and a showroom. A wall- or floor-mounted system might not have sufficient power to condition these spaces effectively. This is especially the case for offices that have cubicles. The cubicle walls tend to disrupt proper airflow circulation and may result in cold or hot spots in the room. A suspended unit can condition wide spaces consistently so that all occupants receive cold or heated air evenly.

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Tips On Installing Ductless Suspended Systems

There are two ways you can install a suspended ductless unit. It can be directly fixed to the ceiling. It can also be suspended through threaded rods so that the unit hangs underneath the ceiling. The latter installation is recommended when there are appliances that might obstruct the airflow from the indoor unit. The unit must also be approximately eight feet above the floor level so that it can function correctly.

It is also recommended that the ceiling suspended be placed against an outdoor wall that looks towards the longest expanse in the area. This allows the air to move from one side to the other, ensuring that the conditioned air is distributed evenly across the expanse of the area. Placing it on an outside wall also means the conduit and other wires can be directly connected to the outside unit through a three-inch hole drilled on the wall.

Ensure that there aren’t any heat sources nearby the unit. It shouldn’t be placed on an area that receives direct sunlight as well. These can affect the indoor unit’s temperature sensors. As a result, it cannot measure the room’s temperature correctly, and the output won’t match the room’s needs. You might end up having a space that is either too cold or too warm.

You should also avoid installing the indoor units near appliances that give off electromagnetic interference. These include televisions, microwaves, and projectors. It can disrupt the communication between the remote and the air handlers. This issue can make adjusting the temperature and other settings difficult.

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Benefits Of A Ductless Suspended HVAC System

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Installing a ceiling ductless suspended system has many benefits. You can find a few of these below:

Ease Of Ductless Installation

In contrast with their traditional counterparts, installing ceiling suspended systems is easier. There is no need for ducts. Therefore, it is non-invasive, meaning you don’t need to tear down ceilings or walls to put the ductwork in place. You only need to drill a small hole for the line set to pass through. Installation is usually complete after several hours, depending on the number of indoor air handlers that the HVAC contractor is installing.

Modern HVAC System Design

This type of mini-split features a compact and sophisticated design. Due to its placement, it is a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to traditional HVAC systems. It can blend with its surroundings, and it won’t affect the room’s interior design as it is out of view for the most part.

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Heating & Cooling Zone Creation

Ductless mini-splits let you create single or multiple zones. Multi-room applications allow you to personalize the heating and cooling of each zone to meet your specific needs. This also lets you switch off the unit in unoccupied rooms, saving energy in the process.


Inverter Technology

Several mini-split make and models have inverter technology. This means that they have variable-speed motors that make these systems highly efficient. As a result, you can enjoy reduced energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Multi-Stage HVAC Air Filtration

Ceiling suspended units have multi-stage filters. This ensures that dust, dirt, and other pollutants do not circulate throughout your house or office. As a result, you can enjoy breathing clean and fresh air at all times.

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Additional Ductless Features & Accessories

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Suspended ceiling mini-splits come in various make, models, and brands. Individual units have different features. We have listed a few of the accessories and features you can purchase and add on your mini-split to optimize and customize its features to fit your needs. They are:

  • Universal Mounting – Several suspended systems can be universally mounted: the unit can either be attached at the bottom of the wall or suspended from the ceiling. However, universally mountable units do not circulate air as far compared to those units that are strictly for ceiling suspension only.
  • Remote Control – How you control your mini-split differs for each unit. Some are equipped with hard-wired controls, whereas others have wireless remotes. Some can also be installed with Wi-Fi adapters that will allow you to control your unit through a downloadable app on your smart device. You can control your mini-split even if you are miles away this way.
  • Fresh Air Supply – A fresh air supply duct and fan can attach to your suspended ceiling. This accessory allows the unit to draw fresh air into your home. You can then enjoy breathing in fresh air whilst staying comfortable inside your home.
  • Lift Pump – Your mini-split also regulates the humidity level of your home. Your unit condenses the moisture into liquid and removes it from your home via the drain tube. The unit cannot remove the water with the help of gravity alone. A lift pump needs to be installed. Ensure that the lift pump you purchase is manufacturer recommended with the unit you have.

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Final Thoughts

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Suspended ductless mini-splits are the ideal system if you need to condition large open areas. Examples of such spaces are classrooms, gyms, restaurants, and showrooms. When you are ready to buy and install a suspended ceiling unit in your home or office, make sure to call an expert HVAC installer to help you. A professional has extensive knowledge and experience, the right tools, and other qualifications to make sure that the unit you’ll purchase meets all your HVAC comfort and safety expectations.

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