If My Air Conditioning System Uses R-22 Should I Have My HVAC System Replaced?

r22 refrigerant replacement

You can either replace or repair your aging air conditioner when it is experiencing any problems. When it comes to newer units, repairs tend to be more affordable. For old units, it might be better to replace them. This aspect is especially true for R-22 refrigerant systems.

On January 1, 2020, the law prohibited the manufacture or importation of R-22 refrigerants in the United States.

Generally, older systems tend to have this refrigerant. Therefore, many R22 systems should be close to the end of their lifespan anyhow. Sensible owners will want to invest in a new air conditioner rather than repairing it. However, this is easier said than done. Other options may seem appealing. You will need to decide whether you want to retrofit your air conditioner with an R22 replacement or if you should you have it completely replaced.

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R22 Replacement: Why Is The Government Phasing Out R-22?

It’s essential that we start by discussing why the government phased out the previously popular R-22 refrigerant before anything else. This refrigerant contains HCFCs, hydrochlorofluorocarbons in full. These compounds are quite damaging to the environment even though they have excellent refrigerating properties. According to research findings, the ozone layer has suffered from a significant amount of damage as a result of these and other ozone-depleting compounds. If this damage did not cease, we will be left to suffer the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Manufacturers and the authorities, fortunately, paid attention. This problem led to the development of a variety of R-22 replacements and alternatives in the form of HCFC-free products and new r22 refrigerant replacements.

What This R22 Ban Means For Pennsylvania HVAC System Owners

air conditioner technicianShould you need this refrigerant in the future and you own a cooling system that uses R-22, you will have to pay a huge price for an R-22 refrigerant top off. In many cases, a top-off can cost you almost half of a new AC unit. Therefore, making an economical choice will force you to replace your air conditioning system.

It is worth pointing out that the efficiency and performance of older units that are still in operation are much lower. This aspect means that an old air conditioner needs to work harder, consuming more electricity to achieve the desired results. Obviously, this decrease in efficiency leads to higher energy costs. With time, the unit will no longer deliver the necessary cooling effect as its performance continues to decrease.

From a financial point of view, even though R-22 continues to be available, r22 refrigerant prices will continue to rise as dictated by the forces of demand and supply. Owners of older cooling systems will pay astronomical prices if their air conditioner has a refrigerant leak. Even before the final deadline of the R-22 ban took place, manufacturers were reluctant to manufacture more R-22. They were more interested in moving on to the production of new refrigerants while selling their remaining stock of R-22. However, it is not all doom and gloom for homeowners. Those interested in having their existing systems replaced with newer and more eco-friendly systems can take advantage of the available benefits, rebates, and tax credits. Be sure to talk to the HVAC experts at R.F. Ohl to find out more information.

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Alternatives For The Outgoing R-22 Refrigerant: R-410A Among Other R22 Replacements

Scientists have developed alternatives such as R-410a that do not damage the ozone or any other aspect of the environment while delivering the same or improved cooling efficiency associated with R-22. R-410a comes in easily identifiable, pink-colored cylinders. This refrigerant was developed back in 1991 by Honeywell researchers. The company has licensed other producers across the world even though it is still the leading producer. On top of being easily accessible through most HVAC service providers, this alternative does not damage the ozone layer.

Should You Replace Or Retrofit Your Air Conditioner?

air conditioner replacementEven after the rebates and tax reliefs offered, replacing the entire air conditioning system is still quite costly. Retrofitting an air conditioner is an option that many homeowners question. This option allows AC system owners to use newer refrigerants on existing units. It should be possible to replace the R-22 refrigerant without having to get rid of the entire system. However, the efficiency of this approach, however, is questionable.

Most of the available R-22 refrigerant replacements operate at a higher pressure. The increased pressure often proves to be too much for older systems designed to operate at lower pressure. Retrofitted air conditioners usually end up with the same problem they started with. The increased pressure leads to refrigerant leaks in the coil and condenser.

However, with an air conditioner upgrade, you are going to enjoy full compatibility with newer refrigerants. Throughout the system’s lifetime, which typically stands at around 10 or more years, owners can expect problem-free operation. This is quite an appealing option once you think about it. A cooling system upgrade will mitigate the risk of expensive future repairs. The latest air conditioning technological advancements guarantee energy savings during operation. To sweeten the deal, a variety of incentives, including tax breaks, are also available.

Get The Cooling And Heating Systems Replaced Simultaneously

Replacing the cooling and heating systems simultaneously might be worth your while, especially if you have an outdated heating system in your home. By getting both tasks completed at the same time, it might make it possible for you to save energy and money. The actual performance and features of the latest HVAC systems are bound to be better overall.

The performance of the entire system is bound to suffer as a result of combining old and new systems. Furthermore, a mismatched system may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t take any shortcuts. Make the right move and safeguard your investment. Be sure to talk to the heating and cooling experts at R.F. Ohl for more information.

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