How To Prevent Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home

house that needs furnace repairEvery homeowner’s goal is to have a home that is always comfortable, especially when it comes to temperature. However, this is not the case in every home, unfortunately.

If you are like numerous property owners, you have areas of your home that are colder than others.

This problem is all too common and it leads to some of the occupants of the home feeling uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat this issue so that you can achieve a warm, even temperature throughout your home.

Jim Thorpe HVAC: Preventing Hot & Cold Spots In Your Home

Throughout winter, you may feel warm in your living room, but find that you need a sweater when you get to the bedroom. When this type of situation occurs, you have cold and hot spots in your home.

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Reasons For Hot And Cold Spots Throughout Your Home

broken heating systemThere are several reasons a home may experience hot and cold spots. It may simply be the way the house was built. Factors that specifically influence the temperature of the home include its floor plan, whether or not there is adequate insulation and how many windows the home features. The amount of sunlight that makes its way into the house can also affect whether or not the home ends up with hot and cold spots.

The manner in which the ductwork was installed may also result in cold and hot spots. If it was not installed or appropriately designed, certain rooms would receive less heat than others.

How Hot And Cold Spots Can Be Eliminated

Several things can be done to prevent cold and hot spots in a house. You may find just a few of these things will remedy the situation, or you may have to use all the tips listed below:

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Unblock All Of Your Air Vents

HVAC ventsVents must be clear and free of any obstructions to work correctly and to keep a home warm. If the vents are blocked with furniture or other items, the warm air has no clear path into the room. You should also clean the vents to ensure they are free from dust and debris. Similarly, be sure to change your filters when necessary.

Check For Any Air Drafts & Leaks

If one room in your home is significantly colder than the rest, it may be experiencing a draft. Check your doors and windows for broken seals.

If drafts are discovered, consider investing in a DIY insulation kit. They are cost-effective and easy to use.

The insulation can be removed at the end of winter and applied again for the next cold season. Drafts underneath doors can be blocked with a blanket or similar item to keep out cold air during winter.

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Inspect & Ensure You Have Proper Insulation

insulationMake sure that your home has adequate insulation, especially during the winter months. If your house is old and has hot and cold spots, insulation in specific areas of the home could be faulty or in need of replacement. To determine if this is why you have hot and cold spots, contact a professional to evaluate the insulation’s condition. If it needs replacement, this should be done promptly.

Zoned-HVAC Systems Can Solve Temperature Imbalances

Most HVAC experts recommend multi-zone heating to prevent cold and hot spots in a dwelling. Zoned-heating means there are different thermostats for various areas of the home, and each of them controls their air duct’s dampers.

You can adjust the temperature in each room. Zoned-HVAC systems help prevent dealing with hot and cold spots throughout your dwelling year-round. Also, it will also save you money on your energy costs throughout the year.


Clean Your HVAC System’s Ductwork Regularly

Dirty air ducts may result in hot and cold spots. When the ducts are free of debris, dust, and dirt, the circulation of hot air is possible. They do not need to be cleaned on a yearly basis, but most HVAC technicians recommend cleaning every 2 to 5 years. It should be done more often if your home is unusually dusty or if you have furry pets.

Get A Furnace Tune-Up On An Annual Basis

Before the beginning of every heating season, your heating system should be tuned up. If there any issues that may cause cold and hot spots, the HVAC professional can repair them before temperatures plummeting.


It can be frustrating to discover hot and cold spots in your home, especially when they can make specific areas of your house cold and uncomfortable. If this is an issue you are experiencing, implement the tips listed above to help remedy the problem. Be sure to call a trusted HVAC company in your area.

Inadequate heating in your dwelling is frustrating and can be a symptom that your HVAC system needs attention. However, minor problems can also result in uneven temperatures in your home. An experienced and reliable HVAC professional can assist you with all your HVAC issues and repairs. They have the skills and knowledge to remedy uneven temperatures throughout the dwelling.

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