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Preparing Your HVAC System For Your Vacation

heating and cooling maintenanceSummer is in full swing, and many homeowners are preparing to go on their much-awaited family vacation. However, it is crucial to get everything in order first. This way, you can leave your worries behind and enjoy your vacation thoroughly. Aside from the clothes you need to pack and other essential things you need to prepare, you must not forget your heating and cooling system.

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HVAC Maintenance Lehighton PA: What To Do Before Going On Vacation

This article will arm you with some helpful tips on what you can do with your heating and air conditioning system before you go on vacation. These HVAC maintenance tips can help make your AC or furnace perform at its best while you are out of town.

Keep Your System On

HVAC costsThe first thing you need to remember is to keep your system on while you are away. As in, you should not turn off your HVAC system when you go on vacation. It is even more essential to keep your A/C or heater on especially if you plan on leaving for more than a week. The reason is that your unit is designed to run around the clock. Repetitively turning it on and off puts an unnecessary strain on your HVAC unit.

Keep in mind that your AC unit is not only responsible for regulating the temperature in your home. In fact, it is also in charge of circulating air and controlling humidity and other allergens in your home. Turning your unit off will significantly affect your indoor air quality and can even result in mold and bacteria growth. In winter, your heater prevents your pipes from freezing. Therefore by leaving it on during the winter, you can avoid a flood and the water damage that is common with frozen pipes.

Now that we have established the importance of keeping your system running even while you are on vacation, it is also essential to know at what temperature you should leave your AC or furnace on. During summer vacation, keep the temperature at least five degrees higher than usual. Whereas during winter vacation, take four to five degrees off your typical temperature setting.

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Install A Surge Protector

A surge protector is an appliance that is designed to protect your HVAC system from sudden voltage spikes. An unexpected power outage or power surge can happen while you are on vacation. These electrical interruptions can cause damages to your heating and cooling system. Installing a surge protector helps you avoid unnecessary A/C or furnace repair costs. It also keeps you from worrying about the effects of voltage spikes while you are away.

Think About Installing A Programmable Thermostat

Also known as a setback or clock thermostat, a programmable thermostat helps to regulate the temperature of your HVAC system according to its pre-programmed setting. These settings are designed to take effect at different times of the day, depending on the series of programmed settings you place.

During the summer, for example, the programmable thermostat may be set so that the temperature rises when the house is unoccupied. It may then be configured to drop before you get home from vacation. These pre-programmed settings enhance the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. This way, you will come back to a comfortable home without dreading the energy utility bill at the end of the month.

Air Filter

HVAC air filterMake sure that you check your air filter to ensure that it is clean and free from any obstructions. This will ensure that your system performs as efficiently as possible. Also, it helps prevent any issues that typically occur with HVAC systems due to blocked air filters.

Open The Vents & Close The Windows

Keep all the air vents open. Many homeowners make the mistake of closing them. It is essential that the vents are open so that there is the proper amount of airflow. Remember, adequate airflow means that your air conditioner is running at optimum efficiency. With closed vents, it strains which, in turn, uses more energy. Also, it is vital that you close all windows before you go on vacation. Doing so will ensure that your house is secured and it also helps your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible.

Conduct A Routine Maintenance Check

technician performing an HVAC tune-upThe most important thing you should do to ensure that your HVAC system is at its peak efficiency before you go on vacation is to call a trusted HVAC contractor. If you haven’t done so this year, you will need them to conduct routine maintenance or a tune-up for your heater or AC unit.

A professional technician will make sure that your heating and cooling system is running at its peak efficiency. Routine maintenance includes:

  • Checking for any refrigerant leak
  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Lubricating the system
  • Cleaning the system
  • Making sure that there are no electrical issues
  • Other important aspects that ensure the performance of your system

Overall, getting your HVAC system checked before you go on vacation ensures that it is still in excellent shape even after you return from your vacation. You won’t have to come home to a broken air conditioner and a hot and humid house.

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