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Tariffs On Aluminum And Steel Mean Higher HVAC Equipment Costs For You

air conditionerAnother beautiful May has begun, and summer is right around the corner. Your air conditioner is patiently waiting for you to turn it on, at which point, it will probably run, more or less, nonstop until October.

Over the last several years, you noticed your AC was not performing as efficiently as it was in the past. However, you have decided to wait and eventually replace it with a new cooling system.

With that, it is high time to stop procrastinating, and it is time to replace your old, failing A/C unit with a new, highly functional model.

Tariffs Mean Higher Costs

HVAC contractors throughout the country were startled when news came out a few weeks ago that costs were expected to rise on all air conditioning units by up to twenty percent–a substantial increase.
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Understanding Cost Increases

Product suppliers have told their technicians and HVAC contractors to anticipate a five to 20 percent increase on all new air conditioning systems. This price increase is already going into effect. We have seen costs increase and expect this trend to continue. Price increases of this kind are based on initial data regarding the recently implemented tariffs on aluminum and steel.

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

If many years have gone by since you sat in a middle school, social studies classroom, you may need a reminder about what tariffs are and what they do. In the most simple definition, a tariff is a tax. Taxes are economic tools used by governing bodies to make it costlier to import a specific product into the country. According to VOX:

That’s because so many American industries need steel and aluminum: They’re used to build cars, skyscrapers, roads, bridges, washing machines, refrigerators, and a whole host of other products. More expensive steel and aluminum means higher costs for the American businesses that make these products — higher costs that will likely get passed on to consumers.

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How Tariffs Affect You

heating and cooling equipment pricesIf you think tariffs do not affect you, you are wrong. If you purchase products made from aluminum or steel from other countries, you may have to pay higher amounts for them as of June 2018. The assembly of the product does not need to occur in another country. As long as the aluminum or steel used to manufacture it came from another country, the tariff applies.

Manufacturers are now considering other metals to use as alternatives to steel and aluminum. Therefore, there may eventually be price increases for copper as well. Thus, even though the assembly of the product happens in the US, the product’s cost will rise if the copper, aluminum or steel came from another country. According to CNN Money:

Imported steel and aluminum would become more expensive because of tariffs. And the price of domestic steel and aluminum could also rise because of market forces. That means manufacturers could be forced to raise prices for products built in the United States, like cars and appliances.

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R.F. Ohl Has The Solution

If the information above left you a bit disheartened, do not despair. R. F. Ohl has the answer.

The minute R.F. Ohl heard about the cost increase, our team of home comfort specialists put on its thinking cap and came up with a solution.

If you have not yet heard about this alternative, it is called the “Buy Now-Install Later” plan.

How The Plan Works

money savings from a new air conditioner installationIf you are holding onto an estimate, you received in the past, or you have full knowledge of what replacement part your cooling system needs, you can purchase the air conditioner immediately and wait to install it at a later time. This plan is an excellent way to save a substantial amount of money. In fact, your savings could be about $500, as this is the amount most individuals save when they use the Buy Now-Install Later plan. You get the following with this offer:

  • • Pre-Tariff, Pre-Season Pricing
  • • Free Storage up to 60 days or Until Installation
  • • Interest-Free, Long-Term Financing for Buyers who Qualify
  • • Reliable Comfort for Many Future Years

Price Must be Locked-In Before June 1st!

It is an unfortunate fact that as of June 1, 2018, the newly implemented tariffs on aluminum and steel will start to affect product costs. Therefore, you must act immediately.

Get The Best HVAC Equipment Prices

If you would like to take advantage of the outstanding pre-tariff savings that R.F. Ohl has to offer, you must schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and reliable home comfort specialists. Our HVAC technicians can evaluate your AC system and tell you exactly how much you can save for the type of installation that you require. Remember, all you need to do is lock in your purchase price now, as the new air conditioner installation can take place whenever you are ready to enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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