Ongoing Increases With HVAC Expenses Mean Higher Costs For You

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Another beautiful May has begun, and summer is right around the corner. Your air conditioner is patiently waiting for you to turn it on, at which point, it will probably run, more or less, nonstop until October.

Over the last several years, you noticed your AC was not performing as efficiently as it was in the past. However, you have decided to wait and eventually replace it with a new cooling system.

With that, it is high time to stop procrastinating, and it is time to replace your old, failing A/C unit with a new, highly functional model. Below, we discuss the expected increase in HVAC equipment prices.

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Supply Chain Issues Mean Higher Costs

Currently, we are facing supply chain issues that have had an impact on the production and selling of commercial goods, including residential HVAC systems. 

These supply chain issues have had an effect on every stage including the supply and manufacturing of goods, all the way to distribution and sale. Essentially, there is a shortage of products and high demand, leading to price increases that can be felt by consumers.


Inflation Leading To Higher Costs

Inflation is defined as a general increase in prices and a fall in the purchasing value of money. There are, generally, three main causes of inflation:

  • cost-push inflation
  • built-in inflation
  • demand-pull inflation

Demand-pull inflation is caused by the lack of products or services to keep up with demand. Cost-push inflation occurs when the cost of production, as well as services, rises. With this, businesses raise their prices. Built-in inflation, also known as the wage-price spiral, is when workers demand higher wages to keep up with the increase in the cost of living. This causes businesses to raise their prices to offset the cost of wage increases. All forms of inflation lead to a hike in prices, felt by everyone involved in the economical chain of events.

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Understanding Air Conditioner Cost Increases

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With supply shortages and inflation felt in all industries across the globe, naturally, HVAC manufacturers are no exception. For example, some of the shortages include raw materials that play a vital role in the manufacturing of heating and air conditioning systems. These materials include steel, copper, aluminum, and plastics, whose costs are expected to rise in the coming months. As the summer approaches, there is a natural trend for a higher demand for air conditioners. This, in conjunction with supply shortages, has led to air conditioner price increases that are only expected to rise.

Also, the cost of diesel fuel has been skyrocketing. Diesel vehicles are generally used for the transportation of goods since they are able to carry more weight, and with better gas mileage. It is precisely this fuel that brings raw materials to the manufacturer, HVAC equipment from the manufacturer to the HVAC company, and, in turn, to your home.

As a result, HVAC contractors are finding it challenging to meet customer needs. In fact, some HVAC companies are now having to keep track of a backlog of customers who are growing impatient.

Some shortages such as copper and steel are expected to persist well into 2023. Periods of relief should follow up with steady price increases, to the point where certain HVAC supplies common today will become less available for the average contractor.

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With The Continuous Rise In Prices, Replace Your HVAC System Now To Save More!

As mentioned above, prices are only expected to increase. Therefore, if you have an HVAC system that’s on its last leg, be sure to act now. The last thing you want to deal with is an air conditioner that gives out in the middle of summer, while prices are higher than ever. By replacing your heating or air conditioning system, you will be able to save on HVAC equipment costs, giving you peace of mind in your investment. Additionally, a new unit will perform far more efficiently than your gain unit, enabling you to save money on escalating energy costs.

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