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When the weather cool down, many homeowners use their heaters to warm up the house. Your furnace is meant to be reliable and last quite a long time. If you conduct an annual heating system tune-up Coplay PA, then you expect your furnace to last through the cold season with no problems. However, if you do happen to notice any unusual smells, you might question whether they are normal or not. It is important to take action when you notice anything unusual about your home heating system. Keep reading to find out why.

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Top Furnace Odors To Never Ignore

This article covers everything that you need to know about furnace odors.

Dusty Furnace Smells

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Odd smells emanating from a heating unit almost always indicate that an issue within the unit must be addressed. The only time that homeowners should not is when a dusty odor emanates from the unit when it first starts up after a long summer of non-usage. Dusty smells disappear after the first few times the furnace turns on as the dust will eventually burn away.

If the dusty smell continues, however, you should have the furnace checked to determine if there is a hidden problem. Don’t make the mistake of hoping that the smell goes away. Homeowners make these types of heating system mistakes and end up with a more serious issue on their hands.

Furnace Smells Rotten Eggs Or Natural Gas

Natural gas is actually odorless so utility companies add an odor to it. It may smell like rotten eggs or sulfur, or it may have that smell that we have come to identify as natural gas. If the odor is strong, it’s cause for alarm because it could signal a natural gas leak. Open all the windows and leave your residence immediately before calling your utility company. The presence of natural gas can precipitate an explosion or a fire and you must ensure that you are far enough away from the building to be safe until the problem is resolved.

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HVAC System Has An Electrical Or Metallic Odor

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This smell is also one that most people can readily recognize. It’s usually caused by parts that have malfunctioned and could be overheating. A faulty blower motor is often the culprit. One cause for blower motor failure are bearings that seize up, which in turn overheats the motor and insulation on wires. The wires then start to melt, causing the electrical or metal smell. Loose connections or relays can also cause wires to overheat and produce an electrical odor.

Another cause that you may not think of is an overly dirty air filter. When was the last time you changed it? Dirty air filters can cause restricted airflow, which in turn, causes parts to overheat. If your air filter is blocking airflow, change it immediately.

Shut down your furnace immediately when you encounter such odors and call your HVAC contractor to have a technician perform an inspection and diagnosis. Monitor your furnace closely until the technician arrives to ensure that a fire does not begin.

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Furnace Smells Like Burning

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\This smell is similar to an electrical or metallic odor, only worse. Overheated parts and wires also cause this smell, which is often, but not always, accompanied by smoke. Debris that has entered the ductwork and has landed on the heat exchanger can also be a cause. Shut down your furnace immediately and call for emergency service.

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Oil Furnace Smells

Oil odors are usually caused by leaks or an improperly-working oil burner. Sometimes oil leaks are easy to fix and may simply involve tightening a fitting. If you don’t see a leak, it’s almost always an oil burner problem. Burner problems can be caused by many different things, so it’s wise to have a professional inspect it.

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It is best to call a professional HVAC company to check out your furnace when you smell an unusual odor. Furthermore, some odors can be caused by something that is quite dangerous so, it is best to take the necessary precautions just in case. Be sure to address any unusual odors immediately.

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