Recently, there has been much talk about ductless mini split systems for heating or cooling the home. But, most people are not quite sure what the system is or how it operates. Ductless mini systems are an alternative to central air and heating systems. They can replace existing systems or can be installed as new systems in new construction. They can be retrofitted in homes with no existing central air.

Ductless mini split systems are easier on the budget than central air systems. This is because the condenser or heater sends cold or warm air into each room where a head or fan is installed. There are many advantages to installing this type of system. It is more efficient than a central system, as the climate of every room or space can be controlled. In a central system, the entire home must be heated or cooled, which leads to increased costs and energy usage.


A ductless system is easier to install. It is a less costly solution for renovating a home or adding cooling and heating systems to a new home. Homeowners save money on the cost of installation, with no duct work to install. Installation of this type of system is faster and less involved, making it an ideal solution for those on a limited budget.

A split system allows the homeowner to have greater control. Some rooms may require more heating or cooling, due to personal need or location. With a separate fan and control in each space, the homeowner can achieve this. This is a good solution for homes with several generations as well as for homes with members who have special health needs requiring a specific room temperature.

Ductless systems save space and are more aesthetically pleasing. A small hole of about 3 inches is needed to attach the head to the compression on an outside wall. This means there is no need to take up closet or room space in the installation process.

Ductless air systemThe small beige attachment for the fan or head is often less obtrusive in a living space than a typical heating and cooling duct. Though only available in the beige color, the mini system fan can often be installed to blend into the background of the room. The vent and fan of the ductless split system cannot be painted. However, it can be covered with cling film to coordinate with the room’s decor if desired.

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