ductless heating and coolingWhen it comes to residential air conditioning systems, HVAC contractors have a wide range of options when it comes to types. Not every HVAC system is perfect, however, so it is essential that homeowners consider all the benefits and disadvantages of each system. This way, they can identify which model is the best for their needs.

There are three popular air conditioning systems that most homeowners choose from – window air conditioners, ductless HVAC units, and forced or central air HVAC units. Every type of system has its benefits and limitations and every homeowner should understand these. Let’s take a look at the best cooling options for your home.

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Comparing Window ACs and Ductless HVAC Union Hill PA

A window air conditioning system is probably one of the most common types of air conditioners found at home. As its name suggests, it is mounted on a window or an open space provided on a wall. The part of the AC where the condenser coils and the compressor are located faces outdoors. The section where the air vents are faces indoors.

A ductless HVAC unit, on the other hand, has two separate components connected by electrical wires and refrigerant tubing. The air handler is located indoors. A ductless system does not require ducts, which means it saves space but still functions well in cooling air. The condenser, the part that cools and compresses the refrigerant, is installed outside the home.

Advantages of Home Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners have some of the highest efficiency ratings among AC types. Because the conditioned and cooled air does not need to pass through ducts, there is no opportunity for air leaks. Since the house is also sealed, indoor air remains cool because there are no drafts that pass through gaps and cracks in joints and windows – something that often happens in window type ACs.

Ductless air conditioners are also more versatile since the air handler component can be installed in virtually any room. They are also quite effective in cooling a home because their high-capacity condensers can release warm air quite efficiently.

An HVAC contractor can install ductless air conditioners in a number of ways. The air handler, for example, may be installed on the wall or in the ceiling, depending on the homeowner’s preferences and requirements. Due to this flexibility, many homeowners choose ductless ACs over window ACs.

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Which Air Conditioning System Is Right For Your Union Hill Home?

window air conditionerWhen choosing between a window AC and a ductless AC, it is important to consider different factors that match your needs and budget. A window air conditioner, for example, is typically more affordable and is easier to install and to maintain. It does, however, require a fixed area for installation. A window air conditioner requires a room with a window. If there is no way to mount it in the window to accommodate the unit, a window AC may not be a good option.

Another disadvantage to a window AC is that it can only cool one room. Ideally, you will have to install one window AC unit for every room you have in the home. Furthermore, these rooms need to have a window to accommodate the unit. A ductless AC unit, on the other hand only requires a single condenser unit that will be used with multiple air handlers which are installed in different rooms. Furthermore, ductless ACs are more efficient in cooling down an area in a short span of time. A ductless HVAC installation only requires a small 3-inch hole to run the wires that connect the condenser to the indoor air handler.

In terms of energy consumption, ductless systems are more affordable to operate compared to window units. Ductless units typically sport higher SEER ratings, which means you will pay less for energy consumption. Window ACs carry a cheaper price tag but they consume more energy and often do not perform as well as ductless systems. Window ACs also tend to emit more noise during operation, which affects the immediate environment. Ductless HVAC systems, on the other hand, are quiet enough to allow for a more peaceful and calm ambiance.

Window units are also more susceptible to bacteria and mold growth. This affects the quality of air indoors and may even cause respiratory problems among household members. Ductless air conditioners, on the other hand, have excellent filtration systems that remove pollutants from the air. These systems also facilitate both heat and cold, ensuring comfort in the home throughout the year.

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Final Thoughts

It is often difficult to make a decision when you are unsure about what’s best for your home. Examining these pros and cons, you may feel confused or even hesitant about making your pick. It is crucial to consider your needs carefully to help you with your decision. Perhaps you only need to cool down a room or two in your home. Or maybe you need a system that will work throughout the house, providing conditioned air in all areas, from the kitchen to the bedrooms.
If you need multiple rooms cooled or conditioned, a ductless system is the best choice for your home. It is the perfect option for rooms that do not have exterior walls. When installing a ductless system, always hire a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure correct and safe service. So where do you start?

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