window air conditioner vs. ductless ac unitHomeowners who do not have HVAC ductwork in their home end up choosing between ductless air conditioners and window air conditioners.

Both have their selling points so consumers might have a hard time picking one over the other. It will be clear that each of these systems favor different sets of circumstances. Homeowners should be clear on their priorities to find the right match.

Ductless Air Conditioners Vs. Window Air Conditioners: Which Is Better For You?

In this article, we discuss the differences between a ductless air conditioner and a window AC unit. We will provide definitions, review benefits, and compare key characteristics. All of these should help buyers make an informed decision for great results.

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Ductless Air Conditioning System Basics

Ductless air conditioners are composed of two parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Also called mini-split systems, electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing connect the two components. The indoor unit is compact and can be mounted on any wall. It provides direct cooling for the interior space. On the other hand, the outdoor unit expels the heat of the refrigerant to the surrounding environment.

There are many benefits to this kind of configuration. First, there is greater flexibility in the positioning of the indoor unit. You are not constrained to an open window. You can put it high up on a wall so that it does not mess with the interior décor or vertical storage units.

Second, you can put it in any room inside the house. Rooms do not need to have a perimeter wall since the indoor and outdoor units are already separate. Even inner rooms can benefit from the cooling solution. This is particularly important for bigger structures.

Third, the AC will not be blocking a window so occupants can enjoy the views and natural lighting during the day. This is a big bonus for tiny rooms with a single window. Fourth, ductless ACs tend to be quiet since the noise-generating components are situated outside the house.

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Window Air Conditioning Basics

Window air conditioners are boxes that contain all of the components in a single package. One side blows cold air indoors while another side expels hot air outdoors. Their size makes them perfect for installation through a window. Thus, a room must have at least one perimeter wall. If there are no existing windows, then a large hole will have to be carved out to fit the box. While this type of air conditioner is simple and cheap, it has several limitations and downsides that make it less preferable than ductless AC.

Ductless Cooling Vs. Window Air Conditioner for My Home

ductless hvac systemBelow, we compare some of the differences between these two types of cooling systems.

1. Energy Efficiency

Window ACs may cheaper to purchase and install, but they tend to be inefficient. They consume more energy than comparable ductless systems. Therefore, they end up costing more in the long run. Monthly energy consumption will be higher, and so will the utility bills. If you are willing to spend a little more on a ductless system, then your initial investment will be rewarded with better energy efficiency and lower cooling bills. The total savings can be substantial.

2. Indoor Air Quality

Most people think that air pollution is something that they will only have to contend with when they go outside. In reality, indoor air quality can be worse. Dirt, dust, pollen, dander, and other undesirable particles can get inside and circulate around the house. The air conditioning system is partly to blame as it should have prevented these particles from entering the premises in the first place.

The good thing about ductless ACs is that they have multistage filters that result in better air quality. Window air conditioners create the perfect breeding environment for mold and bacteria. Consequently, these indoor air pollutants make their way into the home, leading to poor indoor air quality. Those with respiratory issues will need to consider this aspect.

3. Noise Generation

As previously mentioned, ductless systems are split between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The parts which are notorious for being the biggest noise generators are located outside. Thus, homeowners are insulated from them by the walls. Nights are quieter, and sleep is better. You have the total opposite with window ACs as these tend to get louder over time. There is no insulation so room occupants hear all the clicks and vibrations which can get distracting.

4. Carbon Footprint

Global warming is a major issue of our time. The effects continue to escalate, making positive action a necessity. Since scientists attribute much of it to humanmade causes, it stands to reason that we can stop it ourselves as well. Individuals can also help by cutting their energy consumption. Ductless systems are more efficient so consumption and carbon footprint are lower compared to window units.

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5. Security

If you live in a neighborhood where theft is rampant, then window units might not be the best option. These can easily be dislodged from their location to create a hole that is large enough for a person to pass through. You could install steel bars around the box but that will cost money, so why not just spend a little more for a ductless air conditioner? With ductless systems, there is no such vulnerability as the indoor unit is completely isolated from the outside. Only a small hole is needed through the wall for the wires and tubes.

6. Coverage

Each window unit can cool a single room. If you have multiple rooms in the house, then you would need the same number of units for coverage. In contrast, ductless systems can cool multiple rooms using only a single outdoor unit. The temperature in each zone can be set to the preferences of the occupants.


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Homeowners should choose their cooling systems carefully. After all, these will require a significant investment. People will also have to live with their choices for a long time since these last for over a decade. The comfort, features, and overall value provided by various options should be compared to find the best deal. Those who can afford a ductless air conditioner should give it a serious thought. The advantages in terms of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, noise reduction, carbon footprint, and flexible coverage certainly make it a compelling option.

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