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Not only do we offer superior A/C installations, we also offer a full line of home services including plumbing and HVAC maintenance, installations, repairs. So, when you need to maintain your new cooling system, you can count on us to do a great job. We also offer fuel delivery including propane and heating oil.

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Why An AC Installation During The Winter Makes Sense

It may go against the grain, but there are certain advantages that come with purchasing an AC during the winter. Nevertheless, wise homeowners know, that by planning ahead, they can save money.

A variety of benefits come from replacing air conditioning units during cold winter months. With proper preparations, you can prevent problems from arising with an older cooling system when the hot weather arrives. In this article, we are going to discuss just a few reasons you should think about taking care of your air conditioning requirements before summer arrives.

Procrastination May Cause Added Expense

If you are looking to buy a new air conditioner…

there is no better time than winter to make that purchase. By procrastinating, you’ll be running the risk of missing out on off-season deals that could save a bundle. If your current AC unit is old and worn out, the potential for it breaking down during the heat of summer is great. This is when most outdated air conditioners break down. By purchasing a new air conditioner during the winter, you can face the summer heat without any worries.

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Understanding Cooling Needs

By shopping for an A/C during the winter, you have more time to research your options thoroughly. You can compare units and prices to get a better understanding of your needs. You can also consult with a variety of air conditioning companies to find out what they have to say about your home’s requirements. With multiple estimates in hand, you can get the best deal and select the best HVAC company in your area.

Proper installation of any new cooling system is of vital importance. Your AC’s installation affects how well the unit performs and how efficient it is from the start. By planning ahead, you get to choose the air conditioner you really need and a company you can trust to install it. This allows you unnecessary expenses down the road.


Less Demand For Professional Installation

consulting with an HVAC contractorWe have all heard about the effects of supply and demand. Well, this is true when it comes to air conditioning units and their installation costs. Cost for installation is higher during the spring and summer. Conversely, it costs less during the off-season because many companies offer discounts on the equipment and its installation. You can actually save quite a bit and spend those savings on something else you need around the house.

With less demand for professional air conditioner installation in the winter, you are able to pick and choose between qualified and trustworthy HVAC contractors. You can also avoid the madness of scheduling installation during peak season. You’re more likely to have the ability to schedule at a convenient time since it is less hectic for the contractor.


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Lower Prices

happy familyQuality air conditioning systems are expensive.

However, when you purchase them during the off season, you can take advantage of the lower air conditioner replacement cost. Winter is when most central air conditioner prices are at their lowest. This makes it the most opportune time to get good deals on an A/C unit. Remember that prices for the purchase and installation of an air conditioning system are sure to rise the closer it gets to summer.

Working the cost of a new AC system into your winter budget alleviates summer financial pressures. With the cost of replacing an old worn out air conditioner out of the way, you will have extra money for vacationing with the family and taking part in other summer family activities.

Air Conditioning Installation Lehighton PA

It is the wise homeowner who understands the value of shopping for an AC during the winter. You save money and make the installation easier all while getting exactly what you want. If your heater is on its way out, then replacing your heater and air conditioner at the same time further increases the savings. In fact, you save a lot more when you replace both units at the same time. Basically, the average cost of furnace and air conditioner replacement is much cheaper. You can also choose to install heating alternatives such as heat pumps and boilers. However, it is always best to consult with an HVAC specialist before making such investments.

Heating and Cooling Alternatives Installation In Lehighton PA

A common question asked by homeowners is can an air conditioning heat? Your air conditioning installation can actually heat but only if it has a heat pump. If you are looking to replace both of your heating and cooling system, a heat pump installation is a great option. It is an energy saving alternative and is also a great way to your year-round heating and cooling cost. This type of heating system extracts the outside heat and transfers it inside when it is cold outside. On the other hand, it acts like an AC and removes heat from inside your home when it is warm outside. As a heat pump is a geothermal heating device, it moves heat instead of creating original heat. This method lets you save energy a lot more efficiently than other electric heating methods that generate original heat.

You might also want to consider installing a whole-house humidifier in your home. Central humidifiers distribute moisture into the otherwise dry air when your home is in heating mode. It helps maintain proper humidity levels and makes it easier for you to breathe.

Moreover, you can also opt to replace your old AC and install ductless air conditioning. It is a more compact, and efficient cooling system than the usual central air conditioning most homes have. A ductless air conditioning installation cools a single room without the use of air ducts. They are effective air cleaners and this type of A/C also saves you the hassle of duct cleaning. Contact your trusted heating and air conditioning contractor to know more about which heating and cooling alternatives can best provide you the home comfort you deserve.

When looking through social media for a contractor in Lehighton to consult all your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning concerns, make sure to check their reviews. Inquire about any financing options they might have. Ensure that they provide quality products that conserve home energy and increase your indoor air quality.

Maintenance Plans Lehigh Valley

Creating maintenance plans for your HVAC units is the next step you should take to make sure that your heating and cooling systems continue running at peak efficiency. It also ensures that your air quality is topnotch. Furthermore, having an HVAC contractor do routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems keeps you from having to call emergency repairs and gives you the peace of mind that your unit will run smoothly for a long time.

Planning ahead helps eliminate the additional expenses that your credit card does not need to spend on. Not only that, a professional HVAC technician can do an energy audit in your home so that you have more saving tips up your sleeve. It will ensure that your central air conditioner and heating systems are as energy efficient as possible.

HVAC Repairs Lehighton Pennsylvania

furnace replacement service in lehighton pennsylvania homeUnfortunately, as with any machine, the inevitable time when your AC or furnace is in need of repair will come. If they stop providing the heat and cool air you need then it is time to call an HVAC contractor. When looking for professional heating and cooling contractors in Lehighton PA, make sure you only call the best.

Furnace Repair

On the other hand, your furnace works harder during the winter and is more susceptible to damages. Problems such as the furnace not producing enough heat or any heat at all are some of the issues you might face.

Boiler Repair

Your boiler is what provides hot water to your home. Your water heater is also bound to experience a few problems. Low boiler pressure, the pilot light keeps switching off, and the hot water heater intermittently switches off are some issues you might encounter.

AC Repairs

During the summer, there is a higher tendency that your central air conditioning system will experience problems. Common air conditioner repair issues are refrigerant leaks, A/C refrigerant charge, and thermostat replacement to name a few.

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