Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

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Air conditioners are an essential component of a modern home. We often take it for granted because we know it is just there to keep our homes cool during the hot months. When you have a malfunctioning air conditioner, you can easily call a professional HVAC technician to come and help you. However, air conditioners had a long history before becoming the home equipment we know today. It is proof that we have come a long way when it comes to home comfort.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

In this article, we have listed a few air conditioning fun facts you might enjoy.

Ice Kept People Cool

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Before the concept of the modern AC system came into existence, ice was utilized by our ancestors to keep cool. For instance, Egyptians would fill shallow trays with water and leave them on straw beds to freeze overnight. This way, the solid ice was ready to use in the morning.

The Roman and Greeks also imported ice. There were ice or snow shops at that time where those, who could afford them, bought slivers or blocks of the frozen water. Ancient Iran also collected ice from nearby mountains during the winter. They stored the ice underground. They also built a system of windcatchers that would connect to these underground storage areas. When the wind blew, the cool air would be carried inside their homes.

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The Ancient Egyptians Knew How To Keep Cool

Egypt is known to have a hot climate. Therefore, they had to invent ways to keep cool. For instance, the people hung water-soaked reeds in their windows. This way, the air will evaporate the water on the reeds as it passes through. Doing so would cool the inside areas. This is one of the first known evaporative cooling forms.

The Roman Aqueducts Brought Water To The Cities And More

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The Roman aqueducts are an engineering accomplishment of their time. It is a complex and extensive network, with some parts remaining in countries like North Africa, France, Turkey, Greece, and Spain today. The aqueducts were used to distribute water to the cities from a spring or lake source. The people use the water for drinking, irrigation, and bathing. It was also used to cool houses and other structures in that the water flowed through walls to help keep the indoors cool.

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The “Summer Blockbuster” Happened Because Of Air Conditioning

During the early 1900s, there was a summer slump in ticket sales because people didn’t like going out in the hot weather. As a solution, theater owners installed ACs in movie theaters so that their customers will be cool and comfortable while inside. This lead to an increase in ticket sales as many people would watch movies to help keep cool since they did not have air conditioners at home. Film production companies saw an opportunity to maximize profits, so they began releasing their most important films during the summer months.

The Founder Of Carrier Invented The Modern Cooling System

Engineer Willis Haviland Carrier was the inventor of the first electrically-ran air conditioner in 1902. It was initially made for a printing company because the hot weather meant high humidity. Therefore, papers were prone to warping, so applying ink on them became an issue. Carrier then invented an air conditioner that provided cool air, proper ventilation and circulation, and temperature and indoor humidity level controls. A year later, an air conditioner was also installed in the New York Stock Exchange Building, one of the first buildings to have such equipment at that time.


The First Air Conditioners For Residential Use Cost As Much As A House

When the air conditioner was invented, it was primarily used in industrial buildings. It was only around 1914 that air conditioners for residential use were released. Unfortunately, they were large, bulky, and expensive machines. Only the wealthy could afford them as air conditioners were priced at $10,000 to $50,000 at that time. When adjusted for inflation, a unit would cost around $120,000 to $60,000 today.

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Workers Had Mandatory Summer Vacations Because There Was No Air Conditioning

Before air conditioning was invented, businesses, offices, and schools had to close during the summer because of the extreme heat. This became the time people went on summer vacations for about a month to escape the summer heat. Today, summer vacations are optional. Although there are still areas in Europe where workers take some time off every summer due to the lack of an air conditioner.

Without A/C Units, There Would Be Places In The U.S. That Would Have Very Low Populations

image of a saguaro cactus depicting cooling in the desert

Some states are known to have high temperatures. These include Arizona, Texas, and Nevada, among others. If air conditioners were never invented, these areas would most likely have fewer residents.

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We Are Not As Heat-Tolerant As We Used To Be

Some scientists state that air conditioners have reduced humans’ natural tolerance to heat. Therefore, we cannot stand high temperatures like we used to because our bodies have adjusted to having cooler environments.

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