What You Should Know About Your Air Conditioner Replacement

residential cooling system replacementLike all appliances in your home, your air conditioning system has a lifespan. When your system has reached the end of its life, you are going to need to have it replaced. When this happens, you should contact R.F. Ohl.

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Air Conditioning And R-22-What You Need To Know

When the cold days of winter come to an end, we move into the warmer summer months. Spring is the best time to schedule an air conditioning system inspection and maintenance. A tune-up is a great way to ensure that it will be up and running throughout the entire cooling season.

Many homeowners don’t know what type of refrigerant their air conditioning system uses. The type of coolant that your AC uses is something that you should know due to the changes in the HVAC industry. There is a phase-out of certain substances that are toxic and environmentally unfriendly.

If you have an older unit, there is a good chance that it uses the refrigerant R-22. Unfortunately, this refrigerant is not only toxic, but it is also harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer. Because of this, regulations set forth by the EPA have called for a phase-out of this type of refrigerant. If you own a unit that uses R-22, you may wonder what this means for you. In this article, you will learn a bit about the type of refrigerant that your unit uses and what you can do if your air conditioner uses R-22.

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Checking Your Air Conditioner

R22 refrigerant in an old air conditioning systemIf you aren’t sure what type of refrigerant your air conditioning system uses, you can find out on your own. By looking at the label on the outdoor air compressor unit, you can get the information that you need. New models use R410-A. Older model use R-22.

If your system is using R-22 and it requires a repair service, you should figure out whether it is worth fixing or if you should replace the unit. If you have a refrigerant leak, you are better off replacing the unit since R-22 refrigerant prices are astronomical. It is better to invest your hard earned money in a new A/C.

Why Is R-22 So Bad?

refrigerant for air conditionerR-22 refrigerant has been in use for many years. Older appliances, heat pumps, and air conditioners commonly use this refrigerant. In 1987, the U.S. called for a reduction in the use of all hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) products that are toxic, is harmful to the ozone layer, or is a greenhouse gas.

Because R-22 falls into this category, it is no longer in production. Because of this phase-out, HVAC companies pay a lot of money to purchase it which can result in a high repair cost for you. In time, HVAC companies won’t have the ability to get R-22 at all. The lack of availability can make it impossible to repair your unit, making it necessary for you to replace yours.

Repair Or Replace your Air Conditioner

Most reputable HVAC companies suggest that homeowners with R-22 cooling systems replace their current unit with a new one. For starters, R-22 units are often at the end of their lifespan, making replacing the unit necessary.  Also, because it is so difficult to get R-22, repairing your old system is very costly. You are better off investing your money into a new central air conditioner replacement cost rather than wasting your money fixing your old one. While installing a new system is expensive, R-22’s phase-out makes it inevitable that you will soon need a central air conditioner installation.

If you have to replace your current AC unit, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Also, the newer units are much more efficient, which reduces your cooling costs. Also, if you install a modern system, it will keep your home cooler than your old unit. Furthermore, if you have an outdated heating system and AC system, you can save money if you replace them both. The average cost of furnace and air conditioner replacement combinations are much cheaper than replacing them both separately.
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