air conditioner repairSummer will be here soon, and homeowners are getting things ready to cool their homes during the hot months ahead. At the same time, they should be getting prepared for what might happen during these months as well. Of utmost importance is becoming familiar with common problems with air conditioning systems and their solutions so they can deal with such issues effectively and in quick order when they arise.

Signs That It’s Time To Call For An Air Conditioner Repair Weissport East PA

By knowing what to look for, you will be able to call in an HVAC contractor to service your air conditioner. This is important because you can prevent minor issues from escalating into major and more costly ones. Here are a few examples of top concerns that many homeowners encounter.

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1. Your Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On As It Should

Any time your air conditioning system will not turn on, you are left at the mercy of the hot summer sun. This issue is a signal that it’s time to find out what the root cause is so that you can respond appropriately.

It is always best to check to see if the power is connected correctly. The plug could be loose or disconnected, wires frayed or the circuit breaker could be thrown. If the power light is on, it’s time to check the thermostat. The batteries may be dead and need replacing. Double checking the settings is in order as well. If the problem still exists after performing these simple steps, you should call a local HVAC contractor to intervene.

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2. Your Air Conditioning System Is Not Cooling Well

broken air conditionerAt times, an air conditioner will not cool your home at a level that is acceptable to you. When something like this occurs in the middle of the summer, you will find that you and your family are no longer comfortable inside your home. Clogged air filters could be the causes since dirt and debris buildup prevents air from passing through properly. Then again, the thermostat may be at a higher setting than required. By entering a colder temperature on the thermostat, you can resolve the problem. The refrigerant could have leaked out, or bad perimeter air circulation is other culprits. A professional HVAC technician knows how to troubleshoot the system and recommend the necessary air conditioner repair.

3. Some Rooms Of Your Home Are Not As Cool As Others

If your home has central air conditioning, the comfort level should be even throughout the house. Sometimes, though, one room is not as comfortable as others, and this can the cause of poor insulation, leaky ducts, or blocked registers. A trained technician can clean the entire system, remove blockages, and locate leaks. They can also identify poorly insulated areas and apply the appropriate solutions.

4. Water Can Be Seen Coming From The A/C Unit

Air conditioning systems are supposed to help control humidity levels in your home. When you can see beads of water, that’s a sign that something is not right. The drainage system should keep this from happening, but a clog can prevent the water from flowing out of the home properly. When this happens, the water can overflow, causing a mess on the floor or walls. Cleaning the drain regularly will prevent this. Also, annual maintenance from a qualified HVAC contractor includes cleaning the drains. It’s easy to schedule an annual air conditioning tune-up by calling your local HVAC contractor.

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5. Your Air Conditioning Unit Produces Loud Noise

loud HVAC systemA loud air conditioner can make it difficult to sleep at night or even take a nap. Such noises can mean your system has a bad bearing or faulty belt. An HVAC technician may recommend lubrication to fix the problem, or if the sound is a rattle, it could mean a problem with the motor. It’s difficult for homeowners to fix this themselves, so the best thing to do is call a reliable HVAC company. They will take a look and make recommendations for the best solution.

6. You Are Alarmed Because Your Energy Bill Is Out Of Control

It is not unusual for air conditioning systems to use a lot of energy when in operation. It is possible to shrink this energy consumption by using a high-efficiency air conditioner model.

Older model air conditioners units indeed become less efficient as they age because of worn parts and loss of refrigerant. If you notice that your energy bill has skyrocketed recently, the best option is to get it checked out by a reputable HVAC technician.

Experienced professionals in the HVAC contracting business generally see such problems many times through the summer, so they can be relied on to determine the source of the problem and recommend solutions that will get your energy usage under control. As soon as you suspect there might be a problem with your unit, call a local HVAC professional.

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