Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face This Summer

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Air conditioners help make the hot summer days bearable. Therefore, you must have a reliable and fully functional cooling system before the heat rolls in. Just like any type of machinery, air conditioning systems can break down every so often. By recognizing and addressing any air conditioner problems early on, you can prevent them from escalating into bigger and more costly ones. Naturally, this will also ensure that you don’t have to deal with discomfort during the peak of the heat, typically when AC units tend to break down.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face This Summer

In this article, we will discuss the common problems your air conditioner might face this summer. It also includes the preventative methods you can do to have a hassle-free and comfortable summer season.

1. Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

An unresponsive air conditioner might be because the circuit breaker tripped. It needs to be reset before you start your AC again. The plug might also be loose, so re-plug it when required. Check the thermostat as well and replace the batteries with fresh ones periodically. If the problem persists, contact an HVAC technician for correct diagnosis and repair.

2. Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

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The central air conditioner is responsible for blowing cold air into your home. If it blows warm air instead, the air filter might be blocked with dust and dirt. It prevents proper airflow, and this will cause the condenser to freeze. As a result, the AC’s cooling ability is significantly reduced. Replace air filters regularly to keep this from happening.

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3. Air Conditioner’s Outside Unit Freezes Up

This can be due to various reasons. You might have low coolant levels because there is a leak. It could also be because the outdoor temperature is plummeting. The blower motor might also have an issue, or there could be insufficient airflow. Consult a professional HVAC technician to take a look at your AC unit.

4. AC Refrigerant Leak

air conditioner refrigerant

The refrigerant is an essential chemical in the cooling process of your air conditioner. Coolant leaks can deter the operation and efficiency of your system. Your unit will end up consuming more power while you’ll still experience uneven cooling. You also might have frozen coils and a damaged compressor. Regular inspections will help determine if there is a refrigerant leak. This way, you can catch it early and repair it immediately.

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5. Air Conditioner Produces Unusual Noises

An AC’s normal operation will produce a low hum. However, odd noises from your cooling unit can indicate that something is wrong. For instance, clicking noises might be because there is a problem with the relay issue. Hissing is indicative of a leak, while rattling can mean motor assembly issues. Call an HVAC contractor to determine the cause of the unusual sound and repair it right away.

6. Frozen Evaporator Coil

image of an air conditioner condenser

Continuous airflow is essential to ensure the evaporator coil does not freeze. If this happens, the entire pathway needs to be checked for blockage. Frozen coils could be caused by dirty air filters, clogged vents, or a broken fan. Your AC needs to be cleaned and tuned up periodically to prevent this problem.

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7. Electric Control Failure

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Air conditioners should be at a steady state for optimal operation. Frequent cycling promotes faster wear and tear. The blower motor control and fan motor can be negatively impacted as well. These can result in electric control failure that will stop the affected parts from functioning as they should.

8. Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

Humid days can mean that there will be condensation in the coils. The moisture is drained through a specially designed pipe that could get blocked or damaged. As a result, water can leak. Some of the culprits behind this are a broken condensate pan, blocked drain pipes, and incorrect installation. A cleanup and maintenance are needed to fix this immediately.


9. Drainage Problem

Poor drainage means there is stagnant water inside the air conditioner. Unfortunately, this encourages bacteria and other pathogens to grow. This will eventually produce foul odors that will spread around your house. This can make staying inside unpleasant and unhealthy. A professional would need to thoroughly inspect and maintain your cooling unit to eliminate the foul odor.

10. Air Conditioner Sensor Problem

Thermostats have built-in sensors that detect the ambient temperature in your home. This will signal when your AC will switch on and off, depending on if the area gets too hot or too cold. If the thermostat is not placed in the ideal location, it might lead to faulty readings. A technician can help with the proper placement and calibrate the thermostat to ensure correct functionality at all times.

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Easy Steps To Prevent Air Conditioner Problems

Here are a few things you can do to prevent air conditioning issues:

  • HVAC Air Filter: Check the HVAC filter. Dirty filters can cause a myriad of problems. Therefore, ensure that the air filters are cleaned or replaced regularly. This task is typically done at least once a month or every three months, depending on your situation. If your filters get clogged easily, you can replace or clean them even before the set date.
  • Outdoor AC Unit: Clean the condensing unit. The outdoor unit is susceptible to dust, dirt, and debris. These can affect the coil’s operation, making them ineffective in moving heat outside. The condenser’s surface needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent this. Remove any trash, fallen leaves, and twigs as well.
  • Airflow: Remove anything that is blocking the vent. Vents should always be open to ensure proper airflow. Objects like furniture, curtains, and plants might be blocking the vents, restricting poor airflow. Make sure that nothing is blocking the vents to correct the situation.
  • Programmable Thermostat: Consider installing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow for better calibration and performance. Therefore, consider installing one when possible. It will let you set timers to your preferred temperature and schedule. This way, you will have a significantly improved efficiency.



Air conditioning systems can break down when you need them the most. Prevent this from happening to your home with regular checks and cleaning. You should also adhere to a maintenance schedule so that professionals can conduct inspections and tune-ups. Have a professional HVAC contractor do the needed repairs immediately as well. They have the training, skills, and experience to find the cause of the problem. They provide high-quality repairs at affordable prices as well.

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