Updated: October 19, 2020
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When you save energy, you save money. Therefore, finding ways to lower your energy consumption is a great start to reducing your energy bills. You can start with some easy tips for reducing your energy bills.

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9 Energy Saving Tips To Think About Before The Cold Season

In this article, we discuss 9 energy-saving tips you can use to save on your home heating costs.

1. Weatherproof Your Home

image of woman sealing window to prevent air leaks

Check throughout your entire house for small cracks and openings. Do not skip the attic and basement. Seal every crack you find, so cold air cannot come in and warm air cannot escape.

2. Weatherproof Windows And Doors

Doors and windows need special attention before the cold season begins. Install storm windows, or apply plastic window coverings made for this purpose. Check around doors to make sure there are no drafts. Doors and windows must close tightly.

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3. Check Your Electrical Outlets

image of an electrical outlet

If you notice coolness or draft, insulate your outlets. Outlets should also be covered when they are not in use.

4. Purchase A Chimney Balloon

Chimney dampers are not as effective as chimney balloons. These products will keep cold air out, warm air in, and can also keep insects out of your home.

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5. Purchase Lined Drapes For Your Windows

energy-saving curtains

Drapes with lining will help keep the windows insulated during the nighttime when it is cold. Keep the drapes open during the daytime so natural sunlight will warm your home.

6. Increase Humidity In Your House

Dry air is uncomfortable and can be unhealthy. A simple way to increase humidity is having houseplants in your home.

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7. Use A Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostat

There are times you do not need the full effect of heat in your house. If everyone in your household is at work or school during the day, the heat does not need to be on. You can also reduce the heat to a lower temperature so your family members can be comfortable when they sleep.

8. Reduce The Use Of Fans

Fans in the bathroom and kitchen are not always necessary. They can cause your energy bills to increase. Avoid using fans unless they are truly needed.

9. Contact Your HVAC Specialist

One of the most important ways to save energy is to keep your heating system in good working order. Contact your HVAC specialist before cold weather begins. Schedule an appointment for a thorough evaluation of your system, and to have the system cleaned.

It costs much less to operate a system that is working properly, and you will significantly reduce the risk of your heating system needing repairs or breaking down during the winter.

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These tips can result in lower energy bills, and a warm, comfortable home. Therefore, even implementing a few of these tips will help reduce your energy costs. For further information on making your home more energy-efficient, be sure to contact R.F. Ohl.

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