Tips For Standby Generator Maintenance

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Although you may have a grid connection, you may still need to use a backup generator periodically. You never know when an emergency may happen, so it is best to have one on your property. This generator can power your lights, appliances, and security system during a power outage. However, you shouldn’t just store a whole-house generator in the corner of your home. It requires regular checks and maintenance to remain in good working condition. If not, it may not operate when you need it. This article discusses how you can provide proper upkeep to your standby generator. Keep reading to explore some standby generator maintenance tips.

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Generator Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Homeowners need to learn the basics of maintaining their power generators so they can do weekly and monthly tasks. This diligence will help prolong the lifespan of the generator and have improved reliability during crises.

Capable HVAC technicians should take the lead in performing advanced maintenance tasks. Set an appointment with professionals at least two times a year to conduct biannual and annual tasks as described here:

Weekly Generator Maintenance Tasks

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  • The generator should run on AUTO mode. Check for errors as the unit is running.
  • Make sure you have the correct type of fuel. Inspect the unit for leaks.
  • The circuit breaker should be kept close and secure.

Monthly Generator Maintenance Tasks

  • Get rid of any trash and debris around the unit.
  • Check to see that no animals have made nests inside the unit.
  • The oil level should be kept close to full for optimal functionality.
  • Examine how much coolant the system has through the overflow tank.
  • Confirm that the battery works and has no corrosion.
  • Find any loose wires and terminal corrosion.
  • Check for signs of damage in the gas pipes.
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Biannual Whole-House Generator Tasks

  • Have a licensed HVAC technician do a complete battery diagnostic.
  • The professionals should check the enclosure, exhaust, induction pipes, drive belts, and coolant heater.
  • Check the air conditioner wiring, fuel system, coolant lines, lubrication, and electrical system.

Annual Standby Generator Tasks

  • Change the air filter, spark plug, generator oil, oil filter, and fuel filter.
  • See if there is moisture, dirt, and direct heat in the alternator.
  • Check the transfer switch and do load bank testing.
  • The crankcase breather should be cleaned, and the cooling system flushed as needed.
  • The fuel in diesel generators should be tested and reconditioned. Eliminate the water in the tank as well.


Tips For Standby Generator Maintenance

Here are several tips on maintaining your standby generator:

Consider The Environment

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Standby generator maintenance includes a long to-do list of tasks that vary in difficulty and frequency. Before beginning to do them, consider some factors that impact the generator’s state. First of these is the environment where the unit will be placed. Is it going to be placed outside where it’s exposed to the elements? Will it receive proper protection from rain, sun, and debris? What is your region’s climate like? Is it wet, cold, and windy, or dry, hot, and dusty? Maintenance becomes more important the harsher the environment you live in.

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Assess The Whole-House Generator Workload

You should also consider how many times you used your generator in the past year and how long you had to use them during those power outages. Some areas seldom experience power disruptions, while other places expect them to happen at certain times throughout the year because of recurring problems. Outages can last for a few minutes or several days, depending on their root cause. A generator that runs often will hasten its components’ wear and tear. Therefore, it needs more attention than a unit that isn’t used as much.

Factor The Weather

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The weather has a significant effect on generators. Some places are more likely to experience storms, where strong winds can cause infrastructures like telephone poles to fall. Trees can also topple, and their branches can bring down electrical wires close to them. Take note of the months these events tend to happen. Have a professional conduct maintenance beforehand so you can confidently head into the storm season. This also applies to people living up north, where there can be unpredictable winters. Ensure that all crucial maintenance tasks are finished at least a month before the harsh weather hits.

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Check Generator History

If you recently purchased a house with a standby generator, it is best to learn the unit’s history. If possible, talk to the previous owner regarding vital details about the generator, such as its state and age. Ask about maintenance papers signed by the technician who conducted the task. You should also ask when was its last professional upkeep. You are fortunate if it was regularly maintained and completely functional. Otherwise, have a local technician check it.


Get Help with Advanced Power Generator Maintenance

Homeowners have the capacity to do most maintenance tasks. However, some are best left in the hands of professionals. Advanced tasks are time-consuming and complex, and they need trained and experienced experts to do them well. Professionals can find problems immediately, while ordinary individuals may not notice them. They can perform checks and diagnostic tests. They can also handle technician tasks and have the special tools to do the tasks faster. Furthermore, they may also carry common spare components so they can replace them quickly when required. Technicians will also clean all components. You can be sure your generator runs like new again when they are done with its upkeep.

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Call Professionals for Other Concerns

Technicians can also help with your system’s operational safety so that your family remains safe. Problems can happen in an instant. Call for help immediately if you notice something is wrong with your unit. Consult them if you notice that your generator’s efficiency has plunged. They will find the reason behind it and improve your generator’s efficiency. You can also make a long-term maintenance agreement to ensure regular tune-ups with significant savings.



Modern life implies a high reliance on machines, which require power to operate. Homes are equipped with appliances used for comfort, security, entertainment, chores, work, and security. A power outage means all these stop working unless you prepare a backup. Well-advised homeowners buy a standby generator so they can continue their normal activities at home despite a power outage. Ensure that these units are well-maintained by hiring a professional to help you prepare for emergencies.

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