What Is That Whistling Sound During An Oil Delivery?

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If you are new to heating oil, the process of an oil delivery might be unfamiliar. The oil delivery company can guide you through it, so you don’t have to worry about anything. As long as you have an oil heating system that’s in tiptop shape, the process should be fast and straightforward. If you just had your first heating oil delivery, you might have noticed a whistling sound coming from your tank. This sound is made by the oil tank vent alarm and is an important part of the oil delivery process. Your system is supposed to make this sound, so there is no cause for panic.

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What Is That Whistling Sound During An Oil Delivery?

This article includes a discussion on this whistling noise and why it is essential for heating oil systems.

Where Is The Sound Coming From During A Fuel Oil Delivery?

Unlike natural gas, large trucks deliver heating oil to each house. It is put in tanks that heating systems are connected to. The oil quantity gradually decreases as time passes because you and your family use it for home heating and domestic hot water. This oil depletion means that air takes its place in the tank. During tank refills, the oil forces the air out. The air passes through the oil tank vent alarm, producing the whistling sound as the air escapes. It creates an essential signal that is loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby.

When Will The Sound From The Oil Tank Vent Alarm Stop?

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The sound will only cease once all the air has passed through the vent alarm as it makes its way out to the vent pipe. The sound will stop when the tank is full because there is no more air that needs to be released. This lets the delivery personnel know when to stop the oil flow from the truck. This is manually done, so there needs to be a reliable signal to get the correct timing. Keep in mind that homes have different tank sizes. It might be difficult to determine the tank’s volume for certain if they are below ground. The good news is that knowing this info isn’t necessary because the signal will let the delivery personnel when to stop refilling the tank.

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The Importance Of An Oil Tank Alarm

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The vent alarm should be fully functional at all times. In fact, an oil delivery relies on this alarm. Heating oil supply companies typically have a policy that doesn’t enable a delivery to take place if the tank doesn’t have a functional whistle. They will determine this by starting a delivery, opening a nozzle to let heating oil flow through. This should sound the whistle immediately. If the tank doesn’t produce this sound, the filling process is shut off as soon as possible. The absence of the sound might be because of a flaw in and around the tank. The delivery crew won’t know when to stop the delivery without this signal, making it a pointless and dangerous exercise. It could also result in an oil spill around your property. Therefore, most oil delivery companies do not offer fuel deliveries without the whistling sound as a safety precaution.

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Reasons For Lack Of Sound During A Home Heating Oil Delivery

Here are four reasons you do not hear any sound from your oil tank during heating oil delivery:

  • Incorrect Fuel Oil Tank Connection: A likely reason for the lack of whistle sound is that there may not be a tank connected to the pipes. It might sound strange, but it is possible. A situation wherein the home’s previous owners might have excavated the tank without your knowledge. Another reason could be the connections have been cut off.
  • Damaged Oil Tank Seals: There could be an opening that lets the air escape instead of reaching the vent alarm. An improperly sealed tank is another possibility. The airflow needs to pass through the vent pipe alone so that the whistle can be triggered. Make sure to seal all holes before the refill begins.
  • Problems With The Oil Tank Vent Pipe: There are times when the reason is a problematic vent pipe. It might have gotten clogged because insects build their nests inside. These blockages need to be removed for smooth airflow. Otherwise, air pressure can build up to such high levels that the tank’s interior gets damaged.
  • Faulty Heating Oil Tank Whistle: You might also have problems with the whistle itself. Insects might have crawled inside its holes, or debris has gotten in. These could be stuck inside, so the whistle needs to be unplugged so that air can pass through them again. This way, the sound needed for the refilling process can be heard once more.

The R.F. Ohl delivery crew will conduct a thorough inspection if no whistling sound is heard. A technician can also check your tank and system and make any recommendations. Call us today if you have any queries about heating oil deliveries or our HVAC services.

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