Is Your Heating Oil Delivery Living Up To Your Standards?

home fuel oil delivery service at a lehighton pa homePeople who require heating oil to heat their home need a reliable home heating oil delivery service. R.F. Ohl can deliver your heating oil reliably and quickly while offering the best prices in town.

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R.F. Ohl is not only a heating fuel supplier and delivery company. We also offer professional services for your home HVAC system. Our services include repairs, installations and other maintenance for both your heating and cooling systems.

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Facts About Heating Oil

Heating oil has heated homes for more than a hundred years. It is still used today even in new construction. It is a viable alternative to other heating sources such as electric, propane, and natural gas.

Several people understand that heating oil is an efficient choice for heating the home.

It is a heating choice with a minimal carbon footprint comparable to propane or natural gas. However, there are many misunderstandings when it comes to heating oil. In this article, we will address these common misconceptions.

New More Efficient Systems

energy efficiency and fuel oilThe heating systems manufactured today that utilize heating oil are much more efficient than systems of old. Technological advancements have made these systems cost-effective heating systems for homes and businesses.

Oil prices can cause the cost of oil to fluctuate by decent margins. As with all fuels, there are many factors that cause this. Some include supply and demand and weather. However, there are several tactics that a homeowner can implement to help level out these price fluctuations. Also, many fuel oil suppliers, like R.F. Ohl, offer different pricing plans and delivery options that also help.

Environmental Impact

Current heating systems that use oil have been made to burn much cleaner than those from earlier decades. In fact, today’s heating systems burn up to 95% cleaner compared to systems built 40 years ago. The low level of emissions makes the new systems safe for your home and the environment. Also, the effort by manufacturers and the home heating oil companies near me to minimize emissions contribute greatly to protect the environment. They have sought ways to cut down emissions by creating bio-fuel blends. The blends further cut down on environmental pollution.

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Economic Impact

fuelThere are those that claim that heating oil further exasperates the United States dependence on foreign fossil fuels. The common misconception is that more dependence on foreign fossil fuels equates to more reliance on those foreign countries.

The reality is that the United States produces the majority of the heating oil used in this country. The minimal amount of oil that the U.S. imports are from countries such as Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Therefore, using heating oil helps to maintain and promote job growth in the United States.

To further secure the positive economic impact of heating oil, oil companies are seeking to use cleaner and renewable sources of fuel in the future. Not only will this be a good choice for the environment, but it will also prevent the United States from becoming reliant on foreign oil in the future.

Affordable Choice

Another misconception, heating oil is more expensive than other heating methods.

In actuality, heating oil has been less costly…

than gas or electric for more than twenty years. It is an efficient and affordable choice for homes and businesses alike. It is also an extremely safe choice because it does not explode near an ignition source like natural gas does.

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Heating Oil Delivery Lehighton PA

Now you understand that heating oil is a reliable, economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly choice for keeping your home warm in the winter. You also now know that it is equally suitable for homes and businesses. Take some time to learn about local fuel oil prices, and you will understand that heating oil is an excellent option to heat your home with.

When you need home heating oil delivery near me….

R.F. Ohl delivers high quality and affordable fuel to homes in Lehighton and the surrounding areas. You can schedule a regular delivery to come at the interval of your choosing. We offer many different financing options and delivery plans. We offer PA’s most affordable home heating oil prices today. Call our office today to find the option that works best for you.

R.F. Ohl is more than a fuel delivery company for your home heating oil. We can also service, maintain, and install a heating or cooling system for your home. Our staff has fully qualified and licensed technicians that will help keep your home comfortable all year round. Call us today to schedule a home heating oil delivery or to schedule a free in-home consultation for your heating or cooling system.

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