To keep your home habitable during winter, you need to stock enough fuel at all times and service your furnace. Because the cold season could be longer than anticipated, contingencies have to be considered when purchasing heating oil. But what would you do if your oil burner suddenly stops supplying heat?

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What to Do When Your Heating Fuel Runs Out

Besides an empty tank, your heater may also stop working due to problems within the fuel supply mechanism or the burner itself. It’s therefore important that you confirm exactly what caused your heater to stop working. This way, you’ll know whether to call a repair contractor or order an emergency delivery of heating oil. If you’re not quite sure what the problem is, call a professional to come to check out your equipment.

Call the Heating Oil Delivery Company

At times, it could be that the heating oil supplier miscalculated when to deliver to your home, with the result being that your stock runs out. Such situations would arise when your consumption exceeds what your supplier anticipated. Some homeowners forget to schedule a heating oil delivery and they simply run out of fuel before they realize. It, therefore, makes sense to call the company for a refill when your stocks deplete. Because delivery may take time, you’ll need to use alternative fuel, like kerosene or diesel.

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Get Some Diesel

image of home that needs emergency heating oil delivery Allentown PAYou can get smaller quantities of kerosene or diesel to add to your tank before the supplier delivers your oil shipment. This would also be an ideal choice for those who need a way to stay warm until the delivery company can get to your home. First, you need a container suitable for holding flammable liquids. Go to a local hardware outlet and purchase a plastic jerry-can. Keep in mind the color designations used, which is blue for kerosene and yellow for diesel.

Alternative fuels are readily available in most gas stations. Since it’s hard to tell when the heating oil supplier will take to deliver, buy as much diesel/kerosene as you can. And you don’t need to worry about compatibility; both fuel types can be used without having to adjust the equipment. However, buying fuel from gas stations is more expensive due to additives present in diesel and taxes as well.

Fill Up Your Tank And Restart The Furnace

Having acquired the fuel, you can now replenish your tank and leave it to settle for about 10 minutes. This ensures that the intake line accesses clean fuel because impurities and sediments have sunk to the tank’s bottom. Restarting the oil furnace usually involves pushing the red reset button on the device. You may need to press more than once in order to bleed the fuel line and restart the heater. If the heater turns on without any hiccups, your home will be heated normally.

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Emergency Heating Oil Delivery Allentown PA

To prevent your oil tank from getting depleted in future, install a monitor to track fuel levels. It would also be prudent to order when you have at least a quarter of the tank left. This will save you the agony of having to manually bleed the fuel supply system. Errors during the bleeding process could cause further complications and rack up unnecessary repair expenses.

When you run out of heating oil, it is important that you follow these steps until your heating oil delivery company can refill your tank. This is a great way to stay warm when you have run out of fuel and cold night is expected. For fast heating oil delivery, be sure to contact R.F. Ohl. We also offer HVAC repair and maintenance, HVAC equipment installations, and propane delivery services. Be sure to call R.F. Ohl for all of your home heating and comfort needs.

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