Mitsubishi Ductless Orfield PA Winner

Mitsubishi Mini Split Heating and Cooling: Orfield PA Winner

Congratulations to Elaine Toth from Orfield PA for winning our Mitsubishi Ductless Floor Unit Giveaway. She won a Mitsubishi ductless indoor unit (MSZKJ09NA) and outdoor unit (MUFZKJ09NAHZ). R.F. Ohl will install the system for free. She is placing her new unit in her sunroom, where in previous years, she could only enjoy when outdoor temperatures were bearable. With this new system, she will be able to use her sunroom all year round. Also, she also won a free AC tune-up. All contestants received a $25.00 coupon just for entering.


Mitsubishi Ductless

The ductless HVAC system that Elaine won is extraordinarily energy efficient. It can effectively reduce home energy costs. They are extremely quiet and offer a high level of comfort. It provides heating and cooling options, ensuring year-round comfort. They can be put to use in both residential and commercial applications. To learn more about what Mitsubishi ductless systems can do for you, click here.

Ductless systems provide practical solutions for homes that have a problematic room. These rooms either feel too hot or too cold, making it an uncomfortable environment to spend any time in. Other applications for these types of systems include renovations where the original ductwork will not extend and new constructions. Overall, they work well in a variety of settings.

R.F. Ohl can find the best solutions to meet your heating and cooling needs. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite contractor, we recommend Mitsubishi systems as a practical solution for indoor comfort.

Mitsubishi ductless units offer zoned comfort, where the focus is to heat or cool living spaces instead of treating every room similarly. Mitsubishi knows that not every room is used in the same manner. Because of its design, ductless systems can enhance comfort while reducing your energy costs. You can set each zone to a different temperature or even turn off units to rooms or zones that are not in use. Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of ductless systems.
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