residential energy-efficiencyDuctless heating and cooling equipment, often referred to as ductless heat pumps or mini-split HVAC systems, are incredibly efficient. This aspect is especially true when it comes to consistently and quickly warming up or cooling down the home.

These systems are not like window units. You can install ductless HVAC systems with just a very small 3-inch hole cut into the wall. As such, they are unlikely to present problems with air leakage or cause security issues, which are both common among window air conditioners. They are more inconspicuous and visually appealing as well. Furthermore, they make far less noise when turned on.

One thing that sets ductless heating and cooling solutions apart from other types of HVAC systems, however, is their very high levels of energy efficiency.

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Ductless Heating And Cooling: Why Is Residential Energy Efficiency So Essential?

You can save quite a bit on your monthly energy bills by enhancing the overall thermal characteristics of your living environment. You can take measures such as making sure that your home is properly insulated. Also, you can take advantage of the latest heating and cooling innovations while using a variety of common energy-efficient practices. A home that’s well-insulated will require less energy for cooling during the hottest times of the year. Likewise, it will use less energy for warming the living environment when the frigid months of winter arrive. You can accomplish a higher level of energy efficiency by choosing to use things like energy-efficient light bulb designs, Energy Star-rated appliances, and using best practices for reducing electrical loads.

Choosing to use ductless HVAC equipment can raise the energy efficiency of your home even more. The flow of air, heat, and moisture are effectively controlled by your HVAC system, which works to keep the indoor air suitably dry and sufficiently comfortable. HVAC systems have air exchangers, ventilators for heat recovery, and heating and ventilation systems that circulate the indoor air and eliminate excess moisture and humidity. Having an HVAC system that is energy efficient is vital, considering the majority of your energy costs come from heating and cooling your home.

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Additional Benefits Of Ductless Heating & Cooling

Beyond merely cooling your home down or warming it up as needed, HVAC systems additionally supply a range of peripheral benefits. As an example, given that they promote proper air circulation, they actually bring fresh clean air into the abode. Using mechanical ventilation to control airflow helps make sure that the indoor air is always fresh.

This also reduces problems with moisture. High levels of humidity in the home can create a range of air quality problems and exasperate them. Moisture within the air can be moderated by HVAC systems. It serves to prevent condensation. With good air control, windows and ceilings do not become stained, paint doesn’t peel, and pervasive odors and mold growth do not arise.

These are benefits that can have an indirect yet significant effect on the overall value of your home. In the current real estate market, people tend to prefer energy-efficient homes. Also, they are often willing to pay a bit more for them as well. Renovations and other home improvement projects can boost the value of your property. Furthermore, this is the case when you choose to install an energy-efficient HVAC system.

What Is Ductless HVAC And How Does It Work?

ductless hvac systemYou can install a ductless, mini-split HVAC system discretely. They are often used in multi-family homes as well as in other residential and commercial properties.

These systems are great for smaller apartments or additions in which installing ductwork post-construction to accommodate a central HVAC system is simply not a feasible idea.

Much like central heating and air, mini-split HVAC equipment has two basic components – a condenser that sits outside of the home, and the indoor component. Additional components include tubing for suction and refrigerant, a drain for condensate, and various cable that connect the inside and outside units.

A Smaller And More Discreet Size

The small, discreet size of mini-split systems makes them perfect for just about any room, and this is also one of their primary benefits. Depending upon the make and model that you select, you can have as many as four indoor units attached to just one outside compressor. How many units you opt to have your HVAC installer put in will be determined by your requirements for indoor heating and cooling.

Easy And Pain-Free Installation

Mini-split, ductless HVAC systems will prove much easier to install in the home than other system types. To hook up or connect the indoor unit to the outside compressor, you will only need to have a very small hole drilled in an exterior wall. When necessary, there are also different lengths of conduits for making this connection. As such, these systems are incredibly versatile in addition to the other benefits that they supply. You can cool and heat different zones and rooms throughout your home, while the compressor will remain in an inconspicuous, outside location.

Mini-split, ductless HVAC systems have a remarkable level of efficiency. Therefore, they are able to limit the consumption of energy in homes that are currently reliant upon central heating and air. Homeowners can reduce their level of dependency on central HVAC solutions by installing ductless units in areas that they use most often.

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Versatile Design

When compared to other home improvements and additions, mini-split, ductless HVAC systems are more versatile. Their design can help support the desired level of indoor aesthetics. You can suspend the unit from the ceiling, or you can have it flush-mounted in a corner wall. There are even options for floor placement. Irrespective of how you position the indoor component, it will also boast an attractive, high-gloss finish that provides a very sleek and contemporary look. Many advanced options in mini-splits are remote-controlled as well. Therefore, users can alter room temperatures without having to be physically near these units.


Why Are Ductless Mini-Splits So Efficient?

energy costsDuctless HVAC systems use a multi-pronged approach for creating higher levels of energy efficiency. They don’t create the same problems that are common among traditional, forced-air systems. According to many experts in the HVAC industry, forced-air HVAC systems can lose as much as 30 percent of the air that passes through them. This leads to a very high rate of energy loss overall.

Given that a ductless mini-split uses no network of ducts, homeowners don’t have to worry about this type of air loss at all. This attribute greatly contributes to the energy efficiency of these HVAC systems.

Technology For Targeted Zoning

Heating and cooling your home all of the time doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. After all, not every room is going to be in use all of the time. With a ductless mini-split, you can target only those zones or rooms within the home that people are actually using. Each indoor unit operates independently of the others, and it will only cool or heat rooms that are in use. When you leave a room, you can turn the related indoor unit off.

Take Advantage Of Inverter Technology

Inverter technology allows ductless, mini-split HVAC systems to use on the amount of energy that’s necessary for maintaining a comfortable temperature in the targeted area. These systems don’t constantly pump out heated or cooled air. Because the compressor is engaged solely on an as-need basis, the home will be much more energy-efficient when using this type of system. Advanced inverter technologies are designed to manage extremes of temperature in a much more cost-effective and efficient way. This creates a living or working environment that’s ultimately far more stable. It will also reduce your spending on energy.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable timers are another impressive feature that mini-split HVAC systems include. This technology allows you to set your appliance and forget about it, while reducing your energy costs all the while. There is no need to adjust these systems manually. They will turn themselves off and on according to a preset schedule throughout the day. As an example, when you leave the home for work, your ductless HVAC will turn itself off. Just before you arrive home, it will turn back on so that the building interior is at the perfect temperature when you walk in. This is both energy-efficient and capable of providing optimum levels of home comfort.

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What Are Some Additional Benefits Of Switching To Ductless HVAC Systems?

mitsubishi heating and cooling systemMini-split, ductless systems manufactured by Mitsubishi have revolutionized energy efficiency within the home. This is why they are the preferred choice among property owners seeking reliable operation, given that this is exactly what Mitsubishi delivers.

Mitsubishi mini-splits offer ease of installation and only require just a three-inch hole to be drilled in the wall for passing the conduit, which houses the system’s power. A mini-split heat pump is perfect for any new home, and it can also be retrofitted to accommodate existing residential construction. Following are some of the standout benefits provided by ductless, mini-split HVAC technologies from Mitsubishi:

Advanced Heating & Cooling Solutions To A Long-Running Issue

With central HVAC systems and traditional heat pumps, it heats or cools the air and then transports it through a network of ductwork. Mini-split, ductless HVAC systems directly deliver air into specific rooms or zones across the building. The whole mini-split system is comprised of an indoor unit and a small outside unit. Only one outdoor unit is necessary for up to four indoor units.

How A Ductless System Can Reduce Energy Costs

Both companies and homes can find a very budget-friendly way to replace outdated inefficient HVAC systems. You can use a ductless heat pump in condominiums and apartments, on construction sites, or in very specific areas throughout the home.

The ductless HVAC systems made by Mitsubishi provide silent and total control. You can customize temperatures for every zone or room via your remote and by using features like timers. One major benefit that sets Mitsubishi mini-split systems apart is their ultra-quiet operation. They allow the home to remain peaceful while in use.

People who’ve installed Mitsubishi ductless systems know that their mini-splits are providing excellent value. They require less energy than traditional, central HVAC setups, and they do not diminish indoor aesthetics.

Ductless HVAC: A Perfect Way To Supplement Your Central Heating And Cooling System

home comfortAs mentioned before, you also have the option of using a mini-split, ductless system to supplement other heating and cooling sources. Given just how discreet these HVAC systems are, many people like putting them in general living areas such as hallways, guest rooms, and living rooms, among other spaces.

Your current HVAC system may be a central heating and cooling system whose design aims to warm or cool the entire house. As an example, you may find yourself want to merely cool down your bedroom during the summer, without altering temperatures in the remainder of the home.

Regardless of where you use a mini-split HVAC system, they provide energy savings due to quality engineering and overall product design. Because a ductless unit doesn’t use any ductwork to transport air, you won’t have to deal with problems with leakage or issues with uninsulated or poorly insulated ducts.

Maintenance Of Ductless Systems

You should know that proper maintenance of these systems is vital. Check the air filters and regularly replace these when dirt is visible. If you aren’t sure of the filter replacement schedule, follow the guidelines provided by the HVAC manufacturer for cleaning and replacing this component.

For the outside condenser unit, check to verify that there isn’t any foliage or other forms of debris blocking it. The airflow around this component must be both unobstructed and steady.

Why Ductless Mini-Split HVACs Are Far Better Than Window Units

When deciding whether to install a window AC unit or a mini-split system, you have to think about the basic differences between these two system types.

Installation And Placement Of A Ductless System

A window unit needs to be installed in a fixed area. It is going to take up an entire window, and it won’t be all that attractive. Moreover, these systems use a considerable amount of energy, and they can be very noisy.

Mini-split systems are far more efficient for cooling and heating single areas or zones. They only need a small hole for running wires and connecting the indoor and outside components.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and overall energy consumption must be accounted for also. Over their lifetime, ductless systems offer much more affordable operation. Their SEER ratings are higher. This rating measures the efficiency of heating and cooling capabilities, much like the mpg for vehicles.

Indoor Air Quality & Environmentally Friendly

You can obtain countless benefits from mini-split, ductless HVAC units. They reduce energy use to provide savings for homeowners. They also improve the quality of the indoor air. Ductless HVAC systems are easy to take care of and easy to install. Further, they can reduce the carbon footprint of your entire household.

These systems are great due to their automatic zoning, with every indoor component creating the desired temperature in each space. Extra coils, dampers, and bypass ducts are all issues that you’ll no longer have to worry about.

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