How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Oil Furnace

home heating tipsOil furnaces are renowned for having a long lifespan.

Additionally, most of them are sold with a warranty from the manufacturer that lasts a long time. However, to ensure your furnace offers optimum longevity, you should maintain the unit on a regular basis and adequately care for it at all times.

There are many benefits that come with giving your furnace the proper care. Some include improved performance, energy efficient operation, and reduced furnace repair costs. Also, there are many tasks that homeowners can do to help increase the lifespan of their furnace.

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Lehigh County Oil Furnace Repair: Extending The Life Of Your Heating System

The following are a handful of easy-to-follow tips to help extend the natural lifespan of your oil furnace.

Call An HVAC Contractor To Service Your Unit When Necessary

HVAC serviceHVAC professionals typically tell homeowners to have their furnaces serviced on an annual basis.

The best time for a yearly furnace checkup is before winter begins, as this is the point at which you will be putting your unit into heavy use.

Completing proper maintenance on your home’s heater guarantees it will be kept in good working order. It is also a great way to head off small problems before they turn into significant furnace repairs.

Also, you can enjoy lower monthly heating bills, as the unit will not have to labor as hard when adequately maintained by an expert.

When a licensed, HVAC contractor visits your home to perform maintenance on your furnace, they will also look for air leaks and similar problems that can eventually cause your heater to break down or lead to higher than average fuel bills. The following are some other reasons why it is essential to maintain your furnace properly:

Furnace Tune-Up: When & Why

“Spring cleaning” is a favorite phrase, but autumn cleaning is even better where your oil furnace is a concern. In addition to getting a yearly tuneup once summer is over, you can take other actions to keep your heater in excellent working order.

For instance, it is always a good idea to replace the unit’s filter, especially if you have not done so in a while. This filter is somewhat like those you have probably seen in swimming pools or even filtered water jugs. Furnace filters work similarly, and they are also vulnerable to clogs and blockages. If you do not replace such filters, your home’s furnace will not function at top efficiency.

Some furnaces require filter replacement every 30 days, while others only require replacement three or four times a year. The best way to ensure that you are replacing old filters at the appropriate time is to check the current filter for clogs every 30 days.

It is also essential to clean the air ducts from time to time. This task is equally as important as replacing dirty filters. Fortunately, air ducts only need to be cleaned approximately once a year. However, do not attempt this task as a DIY project. Instead, call an HVAC professional.

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Set Your Thermostat To Reduce Wear And Tear

thermostatNumerous homeowners set their thermostats quite high, but according to most HVAC contractors, you are better off setting your furnace on a lower temperature.

Doing so reduces wear and tear on the heating system. It also saves you money on your oil bill. If you set the thermostat very high when the weather is unusually frigid, you are only wasting energy and doing little to warm your home.

Only A Professional Should Complete Furnace Repairs

You can read many stories on the internet about individuals who attempted to repair their furnaces and found it to be a regrettable decision. You can end up harming your heater in the long run or even causing injury to yourself. For this reason, home furnace repair is not a task that should be undertaken by an untrained person. Instead, you should call a professional when any repair is needed.

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Use Only High-Grade Home Heating Oil

Ohl TrucksYour furnace should never be subjected to low-grade heating oil, as this can make it wear out sooner than it should. Although this recommendation may seem obvious, numerous homeowners have tried to save money by buying cheap home heating oil. Unfortunately, however, some companies acquire their oil from the bottom of the barge where all the sludge, impurities and contaminants are found. These contaminants can damage your furnace in a variety of ways. For this reason, you should invest in high-quality oil for your furnace and avoid companies that advertise bargain-basement oil delivery rates, as they are likely selling cheap oil.

To locate a trustworthy and reliable oil supplier in your area, simply conduct an internet search using the phrases “home heating oil companies near me” or “oil delivery near me.” Carefully review each company’s website and read reviews by past customers to find out whether or not the company employs professionals HVAC contractors and delivers top-quality heating oil. Finally, take the cost of the heating oil into consideration before finalizing your decision.
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