If you want to know more about HVAC repairs, equipment, or services, please review these answers to common customer questions:

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Q. What does HVAC mean?

A. This acronym refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It covers a wide range of equipment that works to keep your home’s temperature and humidity at optimum levels. Examples of HVAC systems include furnaces, whole-house fans, and humidifiers.



Q. How much does new equipment cost?

A. Prices vary considerably based on a home’s existing fixtures and specific heating or cooling needs. For example, you will pay less if your home has usable duct-work or registers. Square footage is often the most important factor.

Q. What is the lifespan of a furnace or central A/C unit?

A. Most HVAC systems can last approximately 12 to 18 years. However, natural gas furnaces frequently remain in service for over two decades. Aging units tend to consume more energy and produce extra noise.

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Q. What is a zoned HVAC system?

A. This type of equipment features multiple thermostats. They allow you to independently set temperatures for different floors or other separate portions of your house. This usually enhances comfort and efficiency in large homes. Some systems offer temperature control in a room by room manner. For instance, the Mitsubishi ductless split-unit heating and cooling systems are highly energy-efficient and offer this kind of precision temperature control.

Q. Can I truly save energy with programmable thermostats?

A. If you locate and use them correctly, these devices have the potential to cut heating and cooling costs by around 20 to 25 percent.

HVAC Noise

Q. Are some new systems louder than others?

A. Different models of heat pumps, air conditioners, and other machines produce varying amounts of noise. Units with compressor insulation run more quietly. The Mitsubishi ductless systems are some of the quietest systems on the marketplace. They are so quiet that many of our customers don’t even hear the unit running.

Q. Why do my ducts make popping noises?

A. This usually happens when a furnace is too large for your duct-work. In addition to producing undesirable sounds, it can harm efficiency and indoor air quality.

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HVAC Maintenance

Q. What do tune-ups involve?

A. R.F. Ohl conducts HVAC repairs in Lehighton, PA, and surrounding areas and we advocate that it is important to thoroughly examine many parts of an HVAC system in order to find any fuel leaks or other problems.  By getting your system tuned up annually, you’ll keep it operating in tip-top shape, at the unit’s optimal efficiency and help to prolong the system’s life span.

Q. How often are tuneups necessary?

A. It is best to schedule them twice annually. Many manufacturers will only honor their warranties if you regularly maintain the equipment.

image of HVAC repair company working on air conditionerQ. Does it make sense to replace indoor and outdoor heat pump or A/C units at the same time?

A. Yes. Although many models are compatible, indoor and outdoor units are specifically designed to work together when you purchase them at the same time. This improves performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Q. What causes my air conditioning system to freeze up?

A. Many different issues can trigger this problem. Your blower motor might be failing or a refrigerant line may have started to leak. A grimy air filter or evaporator coil could also result in unwanted ice.

Q. How frequently should I replace the air filter?

A. Most HVAC equipment needs a new filter every 26 weeks. If you regularly use the system throughout the year, consider changing it after 12 weeks. This saves energy, protects your health and prevents mechanical problems.

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