air conditioner that will not turn onThe moving parts of an air conditioner are more vulnerable to breaking down due to wear and tear. This is why all HVAC experts highly recommend regular AC maintenance.

Every time an AC system malfunctions, it should be looked at by a trusted HVAC contractor. However, if your air conditioner does not turn on, then you should troubleshoot it and try to identify the underlying issue. Sometimes, it can be due to a simple problem that you can take care of yourself.

Common AC Issues: An Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On Beaver Meadows PA

Below you will find steps you should take when troubleshooting an air conditioner that won’t start.

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Step 1: Make Sure To Check Your Thermostat

A simple reason why your AC unit might not be turning on is due to a high thermostat setting.

The thermostat’s function is to keep the AC running until the air temperature reaches the thermostat’s setting. If the temperature was mistakenly set too high, then, as a consequence, the thermostat will not turn on your AC.

Try adjusting a lower setting on your thermostat to see if the AC turns on. If it does not, then you will have ruled it out and it is time to try to find the problem elsewhere.

Step 2: Check Your Home’s Circuit Breaker

circuit breaker boxAnother quick check is a tripped circuit breaker, which could effectively interrupt the supply of power to the AC. Simple electrical faults, for example, a short circuit, can trip the circuit breaker without you realizing it. This is why you should check your AC unit’s circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If that is the case, reset the circuit breaker, and you will resolve the issue. But you will have to properly identify your air conditioning unit breaker to carry out this step.

Step 3: Inspect Your Air Conditioner’s Drain Pan

Air conditioners normally produce a big amount of condensation when the warm air is cooled. This condensation is then collected in the drain pan, and later led away through the drain lines. When the drains get clogged, the condensate pan floods. The float switch then turns your AC off to ensure that the system will not flood your house. Therefore, when troubleshooting your air conditioning unit, make sure to check this drain pan and see if it is empty. Trusted HVAC providers such as R.F. Ohl will quickly resolve such issues for you.

Step 4: Check Your Air Conditioner’s Shut-Off Switch

Every power outlet in a house has a switch. If your AC unit doesn’t turn on, the air conditioner shut-off switch could be in the ‘Off’ position. Somebody may have accidentally turned off this switch. Make sure to push the switch back to the ‘On’ position. Then, check to see whether the AC turns on. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you should definitely call R.F. Ohl. Our techs can inspect your air conditioning system to fix these and other underlying issues.

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Step 5: Check The AC’s Fuse

HVAC air filterAll appliances in a house have a fuse. The majority of the household appliances fuses are normally rated 13 A. If your AC gets overloaded, the fuse blows out. Make sure to verify the fuse box and confirm whether or not the fuse has blown out.

Step 6: Check The Air Filter In Your HVAC System

Perhaps your air conditioner is turned on and working, but it is not cooling your home. It could be an air filter that is clogged and, as a consequence, has frozen the air handler.

Poor airflow in the air conditioning system often leads to freezing of the condensate. Also, the entire unit can freeze.

Preventing this problem is simple. Just have your air conditioner regularly serviced by R.F. Ohl, your trusted HVAC contractor. On another note, check your air filter regularly. Each home is different and has a unique frequency for the need to replace their HVAC air filters. Nevertheless, all homes must replace these filters when they get dirty. Doing so prevents a frozen air conditioner, provides optimal comfort and also helps reduce your home’s electricity costs.

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