Say Goodbye To Power Outages With A Home Backup Generator

image of whole house generator installation Allentown PARecent bad weather has resulted in massive power outages. Sometimes power is out for a few hours, other times it can be out for days. Outages in extreme weather are a difficult time. It is a reminder of how much we rely on power to stay warm and safe. Imagine never needing to worry again about the lights going out or food spoiling. Backup generators can provide this security and keep your power running when outages occur.



Backup generators deliver invaluable convenience. Once installed, they’ll automatically turn on when an outage happens. This type of generator has a built-in transfer system that detects when the grid has gone down, signaling the generator to start. Because it connects directly to your electrical panel, your appliances will continue working whether or not you are home when the outage occurs. Backup generators are fueled by natural gas, propane or diesel, enabling your home to continue running smoothly for days.

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Medical Equipment

If you are someone who uses medical equipment, a backup generator could save you from a health emergency. Backup generators will keep your appliances running so that you can stay on top of daily needs; refrigerated food won’t spoil, laundry won’t pile up. You’ll be able to use your heating or cooling systems. You can continue watching TV. Lights and outlets will work automatically instead of fumbling in the dark for flashlights. If you work from home a backup generator could prevent a loss of income during a chaotic time. To help you choose the whole house generator that will work best for your home, you’ll want to consider several things:

Wattage: Do you want everything in your house to run as usual, or provide power to a few appliances and outlets? You’ll need to estimate the number of wattages you’re generator will have to cover. Consumer Reports offers a wattage table with average amounts for appliances and other electrical devices.

Cost: Backup generators require an upfront investment. Average costs start at a couple of thousand dollars and go up from there, including professional installation. Prices have become more competitive over the years and will be offset by the security you have when the power goes out and your home is protected. You’ll also need to consider the cost of the fuel the generator will use.
Use: Estimate how often you’ll use your backup generator.  Are you in an area that frequently loses power? You’ll also want to consider where the generator will be installed on your property and how much noise you are comfortable with. Generators can be noisy although quieter models are available.

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Standby Generator Installation Allentown PA

The next time the power goes out in your area, prepare with a backup generator installation. You’ll provide your family with peace of mind and save money on spoiled food, frozen pipes or mold growth. Choose a model that fits your budget. Additionally, use estimates and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’re home is protected. R.F. Ohl, a leading industry professional, is available for whole house generator installations. Contact us to schedule an estimate. Our certified professionals can get your home’s comfort needs on the right path for an affordable price. For a list of our home services, click here.

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