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How To Tell If Your Home Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

loud HVAC system

Old air conditioners are notorious for consuming more energy, causing discomfort, and increasing the risk of health problems. Knowing when you need to have your home air conditioner replaced is vital to help you avoid discomfort and unnecessary expense. Here are signs that it’s time to buy a new air conditioning unit…

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Reduce Your Energy Costs This Summer With An AC Tune-Up

energy bills

If you are like some homeowners, you may not know how often you should complete A/C maintenance. You may think that it is okay to skip it now and then, particularly if you do not overuse your air conditioner. However, improper or scanty air conditioner maintenance often leads to the need for costly repairs or…

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Ductless AC Vs. A Window Air Conditioner: Which Is Better?

ductless heating and cooling

When it comes to residential air conditioning systems, HVAC contractors have a wide range of options when it comes to types. Not every HVAC system is perfect, however, so it is essential that homeowners consider all the benefits and disadvantages of each system. This way, they can identify which model is the best for their…

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Common Air Conditioning Problems & Their Solutions

broken air conditioner

Summer will be here soon, and homeowners are getting things ready to cool their homes during the hot months ahead. At the same time, they should be getting prepared for what might happen during these months as well. Of utmost importance is becoming familiar with common problems with air conditioning systems and their solutions so…

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How To Check Your Home For Air Leaks

sealing air drafts

People often spend the majority of the summer months indoors, avoiding the hot sun. Air conditioning creates a comfortable indoor environment for tolerable summer conditions. Running the AC system, however, invariably leads to higher energy costs, primarily if your HVAC system isn’t operating in an optimum fashion. To enjoy optimum levels of indoor comfort, it…

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