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Breinigsville PlumberWe are full service Breinigsville plumbing company that can handle any residential plumbing repair including, fixtures, faucets, sinks, toilets, sump pumps, tubs/showers, and general plumbing needs. You can depend on us for small and large plumbing projects such as:

  • Water heater installation & repairs
  • Drain cleaning & clogged drain repairs
  • Bathroom & Kitchen sinks
  • Toilets & Showers
  • Sewer line repairs & cleaning
  • Sump Pump Repair

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If your home’s pipes, sinks, toilets, bathtub/showers, or other plumbing fixtures need repairs, service or replacement, we are here to help. Since 1984 R.F. Ohl has been servicing customers in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. We handle everything from initial diagnosis and quotes to complete system repairs. No job is too small or too big! Read more.

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Tankless water heating
Hot water storage tank
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Sump pump
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Water heating in Breinigsville PA

Having a leaky water heater can be a problem. When your home’s water heater ages, it deteriorates from the inside out. When you start to notice signs of leaks around the base or running out of hot water faster than normal, it may be time for a replacement water heater. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Breinigsville Tankless water heating

Tankless water heaters are a great, energy-efficient way to produce hot water for your home. These systems are instant demand water heaters and produce a nearly never-ending supply of hot water for you and your family. We install, service, and repair all types of tankless water heaters.

Hot water storage tank Breinigsville Pennsylvania

You might be wondering what can be done for a water heater to be repaired when it has broken. The answer to this question will differ depending on how old the problem is and the severity of the damage. If the problem is not severe, then a repair may suffice. However, water heater storage tanks that are showing signs of leaking typically need to be replaced.

Plumbing fixture Breinigsville

Finding a plumber is something you will have to do if you want to get a new plumbing fixture or have an existing one repaired. Whether it is a major repair or a minor one, having someone come out and do the job can greatly increase the overall cost of the project. Contact us for all your plumbing needs and any kind of home improvement work.

Breinigsville Drain

Your home’s plumbing can get clogged up over time. This occurs due to normal usage and accumulation of oils, hair, food particles, and more. Liquid drain cleaners can help to keep your pipes clear but there are times when you need to call in professional plumbers to deal with tough clogs.

Drain cleaner in Breinigsville Pennsylvania

If you have a kitchen sink and a toilet, there are drain cleaners that will be very effective. These drain cleaners will require a bit more elbow grease than those of us who have a bathtub or sink without plumbing in it. If you have a sewer line in your house, you can find drain cleaners that will help it out.

A liquid product will not help the sewer lines in your home. That is why you will need a solid drain cleaner that can help out a blockage. Be sure to pick one that is made for areas that have no plumbing.

Toilet Breinigsville

Usually, replacement parts for the toilet will be made of metal or plastic. Metal parts are usually more durable and are able to withstand the great forces that the toilet must endure. Plastics can last longer and are not so heavy, which can help it to be placed in more places where it will be used more often. The seat, which is also known as the seat pan, is one of the most commonly replaced parts.

Breinigsville Leak

Plumbing leaks can happen at any time and are no fun to deal with. Leaks can form from loose-fitting couplings, frozen pipes, nails through pipes and more. Contact us today to get your leaks repairs ASAP!

Sewerage Breinigsville

It is a fact that sewerage is a necessity and one cannot live without it. But there are different approaches to deal with the sewerage problems and you need to consider the requirement and the responsibility that you have in your hands. The first and foremost step towards sewer line repair is to find out the types of sewage pipes that your home uses. R.F. Ohl will determine what your sewer problem is and repair it quickly! Call today to schedule a repair.

Breinigsville Sump pump

Having a sump pump is essential for the owner of any building in order to ensure that the water on the ground and the water that flow down the drain is contained within the foundation of the house. Without this device, the entire house will be at risk. Not only is it an important part of your home’s safety, but it also ensures that there are no leaks in the drainage system.

We install and repair sump pumps. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Breinigsville Bathroom

Installing a bathroom plumbing system can be a scary prospect, especially when you’re attempting to replace a unit that you know absolutely nothing about. Fortunately, there are a number of plumbing projects that you can attempt that is fairly easy and require only a little knowledge to handle. However, to get professional help, contact R.F. Ohl, your local bathroom plumbing expert!

Bathtub in Breinigsville PA

Bathtub installation can be quite daunting for many people. This is due to the fact that most of the tubs installed require complex plumbing. Do not risk installing a bathtub that results in a leak or future problems. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

Shower in Breinigsville Pennsylvania

Shower plumbing includes the faucets, the drain, and the drainage pipes. It is best to have these plumbing parts to be installed and/or repaired by an expert plumber. If one of the parts of the shower fails and cannot be fixed by a plumbing professional, you will need to replace it. Regardless of repairs or replacements, we are here to help!

Breinigsville Plunger

A plunger can be used to help clear a clogged toilet or sink however it will not be effective when the clog is a serious one. Contact R.F. Ohl for all of your clogged pipe issues.

Sink Breinigsville PA

When you need a new kitchen or bathroom sink installed, you can count us! We are expert, licensed plumbers that have years of experience in installing, upgrading and repairing sinks, as well as faucets and drains.

Plumbing code in Breinigsville PA

There are a few things that you should know about the plumbing code. One is that all local authorities require a certain amount of plumbing in every home, and there must be suitable plumbing for every single fixture that you install. This is because of the fact that pipes are designed in such a way that they can withstand a great amount of pressure. There is a code that has been in effect for many years, and this is known as the code which must be adhered to by anyone who wishes to install a system in their home. Be sure that your plumbing project adheres to code by hiring a professional, R.F. Ohl!

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