Even at -13°, Ductless Provides Constant Comfort

Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat is a Super-Efficient Heating Technology That Will Save You Money on Energy

Heat That Lasts = Less Filling

Having to fill your storage oil tank or propane tank when the weather is brutally cold can be very costly.

Because of Mitsubishi's Hyper-Heat INVERTER™, you can reduce your dependency on fossil fuels or eliminate them altogether, helping to make ductless a perfect alternative to gas and oil.

Oil tank filling with money


Here's How It Works

A ductless mini-split system pumps refrigerant (heated or cooled) precisely to the inside unit (wall or ceiling). Each unit has a remote to control the wireless electronic temperature system.

How a single room or space benefits from ductless:

  • Refrigerant is used for cooling or heating the air in the indoor unit.
  • Whisper quiet technology pushes the cold air where you want it.
  • A 3” opening through the outside wall connects the refrigerant and lines of the outdoor condenser to the indoor unit.
  • The outdoor condenser's futuristic heat pump technology effectively heats up or cools the refrigerant and then efficiently sends it back to the inside unit.
  • Continuous room monitoring of any changes in temperature and moves the air to any room you desire.

All About Mitsubishi's Hyper-Heat

Learn more about Mitsubishi's revolutionary and industry-leading new product by checking out the video below introducing you to their H2i products.

Hyper Heat Is Environmentally Friendly And Energy Efficient

Family on Couch enjoying comfort solutions with ductless

Lessens Yearly Energy Expenses

By combining Mitsubishi's Hyper-Heat systems with green technology, you are getting the best HVAC system with extremely high-efficiencies! As a homeowner, you should never have to sacrifice your comfort over energy expenses ever again.

  • INVERTER-driven technology
    • Energy Savings for homeowners
  • Zone control
    • Improves comfort with less energy usage
  • All MXZ H2i Systems
    • ENERGY STAR® rated

Complete Control Of Any Rooms Temps

Keep energy costs to a minimum by only heating or cooling the rooms or spaces in your home that are being used. Allowing you to turn off heat or cooling in rooms that are rarely occupied. Each room or zone has its own remote control for setting temperatures to each room or family member's preference. Making each of your loved ones climate to their liking!




Older House

Save the value and charm of your historic or older home by staying away from "ugly ductwork" installations! Hyper-Heat ductless is the right choice as it does not require space taking ductwork of your standard games.


Home Addition

Having heat in a new addition or even in a building on your property doesn't need to be a headache. Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat ductless technology can be the best supplement to your existing HVAC system or to be added by itself separated from your heating or cooling system

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