How Mitsubishi Ductless Systems Work


Here's How It Works

A ductless mini-split system pumps refrigerant (heated or cooled) precisely to the inside unit (wall or ceiling). Each unit has a remote to control the wireless electronic temperature system.

How a single room or space benefits from ductless:

  • Refrigerant is used for cooling or heating the air in the indoor unit.
  • Whisper quiet technology pushes the cold air where you want it.
  • A 3” opening through the outside wall connects the refrigerant and lines of the outdoor condenser to the indoor unit.
  • The outdoor condenser's futuristic heat pump technology effectively heats up or cools the refrigerant and then efficiently sends it back to the inside unit.
  • Continuous room monitoring of any changes in temperature and moves the air to any room you desire.

Maximize Your Home Comfort

Designed with multiple ways to set up this state-of-the-art system for all your home comfort needs. With it being extremely efficient and able to have set temperatures, a mini-split ductless system is the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home or business.


Single Zone Or Multi-Zones? What's The Difference?


Single Zone

Ideal for any type of room, basements, additions, or any isolated space that has been tough to heat or cool.



Set temperature levels in each room to your desired comfort levels without adding costly ductwork.

Single Zone

Mini-split ductless is made for homes with problematic rooms that never seem to be comfortable, temperature-wise. Perfect for a living room with higher ceilings, lots of windows, a sunroom, or any addition. Even a garage or converted attic can now provide the perfect temperatures for you and your family.

Ductless mini-split systems create an easier time locating the area in your home where you want to configure the temperature. If you have an existing HVAC system, ductless heating and cooling can take some of the strain off it, saving you money on energy expenses.

Here is a video on why Mitsubishi ductless is the ideal solution for a single zone or space. Interested in learning more? Select the button below to download a Mitsubishi product guide.


A ductless system allows you to easily choose exactly how hot or cold you’d like each zone or room of your home. This helps to maximize comfort for your family's lifestyle and preferences.

Do you and your partner have different temperatures you feel comfortable in? Have your kids gone off to college? Are you spending most of your day and nights in only one, two, or three rooms?

By choosing a ductless solution from R.F. Ohl, you can effectively eliminate energy consumption in the rooms or spaces you are not using. Even being able to construct a climate in your home based on your preferences that make you and your home perfectly comfortable.

A Mitsubishi Ductless System Is Up To 40% More Efficient Than Conventional Heating And Cooling Systems

Energy Efficient Cooling & Heating Systems

Mitsubishi mini-split ductless systems are the utmost in efficiency with most models being ENERGY STAR® qualified. There are several models that can be eligible for state and federal tax credits as well.

There might be savings with your local utility company as some offer rebates with energy-efficient systems. Because this is always fluctuating, it can be a super complicated process. Let us help you figure out how to ensure you get all the savings you deserve.

Some utility companies like PP&L have substantial rebates for qualifying heat pumps. All because these systems are extremely energy-efficient, helping the environment! It pays to go with an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution with all these possible savings.

Our goal is to help Leigh Valley homeowners with any local, state, or federal programs to help you maximize your savings!


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