Ductless For Additions: Problem Rooms Are NO Problem For Ductless!

You don’t need to have ductless as your entire home heating or cooling system as it works perfectly in conjunction with your already installed HVAC system. There may be times where heating or cooling your entire home isn’t needed as you might only need it for a newly renovated addition or living space.

Ductless is perfect for:

  • Room Additions
  • Sunrooms
  • Converted Garages
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Man Caves
  • She Sheds
  • Studies
  • Ect.

Ultimate Comfort Solutions For Additions, Sunrooms, Attics, Basements, And More...

There may be times where your current HVAC system just won’t work for what is needed. In those times, ductless systems are the ideal choice.

Ductless is perfect for you if:

  • Existing System Is Too Small To Condition Air In Room Addition
  • Installing Ductwork Is Too Expensive
  • Installing Ductwork Is Destructive
  • Ductwork Is Too Aesthetically Intrusive

If this situation sounds like your home or property, talk to one of our comfort specialists before you begin to plan a strategy for your remodeling project. This way, we could consult with you and help you determine if a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system is the right solution to your comfort needs.

Don’t forget to ask about our financing options that are available. Also, there may be rebates from your local utility company by going with a ductless option, so be sure to call us to find out more!

Basement ductless

Here Is Why Ductless Is Perfect For These Applications

Ductless For Sunrooms

Because of the high amount of windows in sunrooms, there is an abundance of natural light and drafty areas. This requires sunrooms to be heated and cooled in a different manner from the rest of the house. Ductless allows for single room heating that can be turned off or on as needed. Allowing you to control your comfort level in your zone of choice.

HVAC ductwork

Lacking space or additional room, some additions or outbuildings can’t be heated with a furnace or ductwork. Leaving those spaces to be heated by other means that aren't energy-efficient. Ductless is the ideal option in these cases as it can be installed in a structure away from the main building or any newroom addition.

ductless in attics

If you have a furnished attic or basement, ductless is what you should consider investing in. As these rooms may not be occupied on a regular basis, having a ductless mini-split HVAC system allows you to control the heating or cooling in the rooms you want. You can turn the heat off and close the door to help save on energy expenses.

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