In the township of Whitehall, PA, the Public Works Department is made up of a little over 30 employees. The list includes managers, equipment operators, skilled tradesmen, mechanics, and laborers. Every single one of them has a specific responsibility, which includes street maintenance, landscape maintenance, mowing of township properties, repair and installation, resurfacing, construction of minor structures, sweeping, storm sewer inspection, and the regular maintenance of township-owned buildings and properties.

Meanwhile, the Vehicle Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Whitehall, Pennsylvania police cars, fire trucks, heavy equipment, and government automobiles.
Now here’s a brief discussion of the Public Works Department main functions:

1 – Street Maintenance

For street maintenance, there is more than $500,000 of funds that is utilized for repair, reconstruction, and repaving purposes in Whitehall, PA every single year. For the winter season, the department is responsible for mobilizing crews and staff to plow, de-ice, and then clear all township roadways. Meanwhile the Whitehall Township crews also are going to be busy preparing the streets while the resurfacing will be done by a private contractor. In most of the instances, the entire process takes a great portion of the entire year.

2 – Maintenance of Township Properties

On the other hand, the town of Whitehall Public Works Department also has a crew that is assigned and responsible to maintain the Municipal Building, Recycling Center, Police Headquarters, and more than a hundred acres of land. Likewise, they’re the ones responsible for maintaining and repairing the vehicles used by township personnel in the public or government capacity.

Meanwhile, the department’s special projects in the past two years include the opening of the second cell of the Coplay Creek culvert at Water Street, rebuilding of two street sections with the help of CDBG funds, requiring road selection, design, and bid out turnaround in three months, and research on the use of cement quarry inside the township as a prospective sight for roadwork demolition materials.

Waste Management

The residential trash hauling service is provided by the Waste Management department. It will be serving the residents of Whitehall, Pennsylvania from January 1, 2015 up to December 31, 2019. In case there are missed collections or any other concerns, the residents of the township can call the department at 1-800-869-5566. Any call or inquiry will be addressed by a customer service representative.

So that sums up the overview of Whitehall Township’s public utilities. If you are a resident of the town, it is your duty to know the basics of how the local government affords your right to access to public utility services.