Whitehall Township in Pennsylvania is teeming with interesting bars and pubs, making its nightlife scenery one of the liveliest in the Lehigh Valley region. Supposed you’re in town looking for some fun, take a look at these options:

1. Keystone Pub and Grill – The Keystone Pub was established in 1806, when a man named George Butz built a grist mill situated on the Nancy Run. After only a few years, homes began to spring up in and around the mill. The place eventually was renamed as Butztown. The old mill was then purchased by a man named R.T. Schweitzer. He was the one who converted it into a hotel named Butztown Hotel. By the 1950s, a certain Howard Searfass bought the hotel, where he and his daughters would manage. And when Charles and Nancy Eyster purchased it later on, the “The Butz” became very popular in town. It officially became the Keystone Pub, where most people consider it as the best pub in the entire region of the Lehigh Valley.

2. Riley’s Restaurant & Pub – Aside from its popular full service bar, Riley’s Restaurant & Pub is a renowned nightlife destination in Whitehall, PA because of its full menu highlighting homemade fare. Located at 4505 Main Street, it is open daily from 11 am up to 2 am. Carrying the traditional food service the former Egypt Hotel was known for, it now has expanded to include features like 5 TVs in the bar and main dining area, a private dining area, smoking and non-smoking sections, state-of-the-art jukebox, video games, and a lot more.

3. Buffalo Wild Wings – The third option for a wonderful nightlife experience in the town of Whitehall, Pennsylvania is Buffalo Wild Wings. The restaurant is actually a branch of its main pub in Columbus, Ohio established in 1982. Today, this brand of pub and restaurant has expanded by opening a brand in every state in America. The bar is most famous for three things, which by the way happens to be their marketing motto: Wings, Beer, and Sports. After all, one of the things you look out for in a pub or bar is the lively atmosphere of people watching a local sporting event together while having some beers and food. Buffalo Wild Wings is certainly the perfect and most entertaining place if you’re looking for a place in the night to get together with friends, drink beer, watch sports, and of course, eat those wings!

But there’s more! The sad thing is we have to stop right here. We’ll leave you the responsibility of finding out more on the nightlife options in Whitehall PA 18052. But no worries, we’re pretty sure you’ll find more reasons to stay in town other than its wonderful nightlight.