How do you find a great and reliable HVAC installation service contractor? This is one question every homeowner will have to figure out if they want to make sure that the installation of their system is flawless and smooth.

The kind of heating and cooling systems we have right now is quite advanced and complex compared to the old and traditional furnaces and air conditioning in the past. Because of this, it is imperative that you hire someone who knows how to deal with the installation, repair, and maintenance of the system. Most states in the U.S. require HVAC contractors to have a license. And in order to get that license, they must fulfill a minimum amount of training. In most instances, an experience handling HVAC systems for two years is good enough.

hvac contractorNo doubt experience is a crucial element in finding the best HVAC installation services. A contractor will need a full and competent understanding of how a complex system works, with all its complicated components including refrigerant and combustion systems, electrical wiring, heating and airflow, and many others. Experience in handling HVAC systems is directly linked to the concept of safety. With experience, you become a bit more confident that they know how to take care of the installation and future repair and maintenance needs. Once the system is improperly or poorly installed, there’s a possibility that it will malfunction or put everyone inside the home at risk.

Check on the License and Permit

It’s a good thing that most states are in agreement when it comes to requiring HVAC contractors to have a license and permit to operate. Accordingly, you can’t be too complacent and just assume that everyone you encounter already have a license. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is ask for their license. Remember, it is your right to ask for it and anyone who does not furnish one means they don’t have one.

Asking the Questions

Asking the right questions will give you the right contractor for the job of HVAC installation and repairs. If you’re planning to move into your new home as soon as possible, do not make that as an excuse to hire the first one that you meet. You cannot hire someone without first doing a comprehensive interview. In this interview you ask all the questions you want. This will include the number of years they’ve been in the business, list of people they can provide as references, how they handle emergency repairs, and if they have a 24-hour customer service.

Likewise, do not forget to ask these questions during the interview process:

– Are they insured and bonded?
– Do they provide a free estimate?
– How much will the installation service cost?
What brands of heating and cooling equipment do they endorse?
How many days will it take for the installation to be completed?
– What are the payment options?

But it is not just about being able to ask the questions. Obviously, you will want to get the best answers from your list of prospects. The interview process will be your primary basis on hiring the one that you think best suits your requirements.