mitsubishi ductlessMitsubishi split unit systems have a bunch of technological advantages that not only give you maximum comfort in your home or building but also enable you to be efficient energy use wise. Both the company’s heating and cooling systems provide comprehensive remote access and control, making every operation of your equipment or system simple, fast, and highly convenient. And what’s even better news is that you get to choose an air conditioning system from a wide range of options. Also, you get the luxury of personalizing your very own remote control system so that you can easily adjust your settings based on the type of situation you’re in.

1. On-Demand Comfort – This particular advantage is brought to you by the MHK1 Wireless Wall-Mounted Remote Controller and Wireless Receiver. These units can be installed anywhere, thanks to the wall mounted design. Furthermore, the back lit display allows convenient ways of fine tuning the temperature, airflow direction, and fan speed.

2. Portable Central Controller – With this technology powered by RedLINK, you have an advanced connectivity option where you can connect up to 16 devices to your system. And unlike other connectivity features in other units, this guarantees zero interference with other wireless devices.

3. Outside Air Sensor – This one meanwhile is an optional feature that enables you to monitor the temperature and humidity outside. It then displays the results on the remote controller as well as the portable central controller.

4. RedLINK Internet Gateway – This optional feature on the other hand has the capability of monitoring and controlling the cooling function of your Mitsubishi AC any time using devices like your smart phone, computer, or tablet computer.

Benefits of a Technologically Advanced Mitsubishi Ductless System

– Conveniently adjust to your desired settings in order to get the perfect temperature for your room whenever you arrive home from work or after going out of town for a few days.

– Always keep your children comfortable the moment they arrive from school. You get to make sure they’re comfortable for the night.

– Instantly adjust settings based on the changes happening with the temperature outside.

– You no longer have to control your entire home’s temperature with a single thermostat.

– You have the power to control the temperature in any room in your house based on whichever works best for that particular room.

– Be able to fine-tune your idea of comfort while at the same time saving money while doing it. This is made possible by the method of cooling only the spaces inside your home that you use.

Because Mitsubishi air conditioners operate independently with its own control system, you get to provide varying temperatures in each room, based on what provide the most comfort.