One of the recreation perks in Walnutport, Pennsylvania is Becky’s Drive In. It is one of the several drive-in theaters found across the Lehigh Valley region in Pennsylvania. But unlike conventional movie theaters, this one is popular because of various amenities. In fact, the place was named as the “Best Drive-In Theater” for every year since 2009. It likewise owns the title of “The Best of the Best” in the showmanship category by the Drive-In Theater Fan Club in 1996. But its most distinguished award came from the New York Times when it was included in the list of the “10 Drive-Ins Worth a Detour,” written by Don and Susan Sanders in 2002.

As a family-owned business, this diner in Walnutport PA is a very popular destination on Route 248, which is about 11 miles north of Allentown. It is also 20 miles west of Easton and only 15 miles from another Lehigh Valley city, Bethlehem.

The Perks

The drive-in is a great place to enjoy a wide range of food courtesy of the Snack Bar. The menu includes traditional burgers, French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, pizza, hotdogs, soda, soft pretzels, ice cream, soda, buttered popcorn, and nachos.

They also offer an FM stereo rental at the projection booth if you want. There are currently two movie screens with double features showing on two screens. For screen 1, the accommodation can reach up to 450 cars. Screen 2 meanwhile can hold about 250 cars. Each row is designed with well-trimmed grass for you to obtain utmost relaxation coupled with your blanket or chair. So right before the movie starts, you are treated with all sorts of fun things to do and food will never run out.

Building a Legacy

Becky’s Drive In is very famous in the entire Pennsylvania state because they have built a reputation for quality service and cleanliness. The family-run business always makes sure that every customer obtains the best movie experience. In operation since 1946, the business is still progressing, meeting the needs of its customers and at the same time keeping up with the ever-changing times. The founders, William and Alice built the business while the next generation composed of Darrell, Dennis, Cindy, and Mary are currently running the business and legacy.

Event Hosting

Aside from catering customers, Becky’s Drive In also holds the Lehigh Township Benefit Festival and Car Show, benefiting the Dream Come True of the Lehigh Valley. The most recent one, 26th Annual Lehigh Township Benefit Festival and Car Show was able to raise $225,000 for Dream Come True.