ductlessNowadays, air conditioning is a “must-have” for any home, especially those situated in areas where the summer months heat up pretty good. But just like heating systems, air conditioning units and systems differ in so many ways. This suggests that they are not built in the same way and for the same functions. But when it comes to power and flexibility, a central air system is without the doubt the most preferred choice.

What Are The Types of Central Air Systems?

The most common types of central air systems are:

1. Air cooled systems, which use a fan to blow air across a coil which happens to contain the refrigerant.

2. Water cooled systems on the other hand cool the water using the refrigerant. This one does not depend on or require the help of outside air. As a result, it can be conveniently installed on the home’s basement floor.

3. A split system works by keeping the evaporator inside the house while the condenser and compressor are usually installed outside.

4. Packaged systems are quite the opposite because they keep every component of the air conditioning unit to one place. It can be placed in the lawn near the house, the roof, or the basement.

5. High velocity or mini-duct systems are a type of central air system that is usually found in the attic and the yard. It works by moving cooled air throughout the home using thin plastic tubing.

6. Finally, ductless air conditioning systems considered as the most advanced and most efficient. It is a great system that can provide cool air for the entire living space. It is quiet and provides maximum comfort.

What Are The Advantages When Compared to Traditional Air Conditioning Systems?

This kind of air conditioning system is widely recommended by HVAC contractors for the reason that it can cool an entire living space simultaneously; an ability that window units cannot do. Window units are traditionally designed for handling one room at a time. Therefore, you will need several window type units for every room in your home. As a result, you are expected to pay more on your energy bills if you use a window type.

Similarly, central air systems provide air quality benefits that are not found in conventional systems. For instance, the filter used in this system has the ability to collect pollutants and allergens and make sure they’re not blown into the air.

Finally, a central air conditioning system is not as noisy as a conventional type. Since old systems are partially placed inside the home through an open window, it means that then noise they produce is likely going to disturb anyone living inside. On the opposite side, central air conditioning systems have their condensers located outside, which means that even though they produce noise, there’s no way for that same noise to create some sort of disturbance to the people living inside. That is the real definition of maximum comfort for you – utmost cool without the noise.